Liberty Vs. Libertine

We are dying as a nation. Our values have been left unwatched and unguarded, like a house long abandoned. We barely see the foundations, it is full of cracks and breaks, of mold, mildew, and mice. The exterior is dilapidated and the interior is dust ridden. And yet we live in this squalor, refusing to see the damage around us and choosing to live in ignorance as the danger of collapse mounts.

The United States exists, though increasingly as an idea more than a place. We actively debate the limits of our freedoms, with members of our society so fixated on stripping our rights to speak freely, to keep and bear arms, to remain silent, to be free from unreasonable search and seizure. We have those in our society who believe that they, and they alone, understand the problems that plague us, and that they alone should have the power to transform our society. And these people exist in both parties. They exist as both Democrats and Republicans. And we as a free people, while we remain as such, have both the responsibility to stand up against this wave of tyranny.

This is one of my more sanguine posts. I’m not sure if the will is there, or if the resources are on our side to be able to accomplish such things. I worry that we have grown so accustomed to our decline that many see it as inevitable, and so are attempting to grab what they can before the house collapses. I don’t know if we have the will to fight our own decline, because so often we feel isolated, when the truth of the matter is that we are legion.

Authoritarians strive for power, winding and weaving their way through the thicket of restrictions, chopping away at the things barring them from obtaining their prize. And I think that we need to recognize that there are those who would rather live in slavery and bondage in the bosom of the state than to risk dying in freedom. The American spirit and desire for freedom are wonderful traits, but I see now that they are not universal to all Americans. Less than half of the colonists desired to follow through on the Patriots cause during the Revolutionary War. Most who were opposed simply wanted to be left alone. They were content to live under whatever conditions were imposed by the crown.

I think that group still exists, though I no longer believe that it is as large as one quarter of the population. And I think that Libertarians typically fall in that gap, and I no longer believe that we as a movement can sit idly by and let our society fail. Idealistically, I think that Libertarianism is a fairly default position. My thinking on this has evolved in some ways. But I will start at the roots of it all. I wish to be left alone and engage in voluntary association with the people I would like to associate with. Whether that is my family of birth, family of choice, friends, hobby groups, religious affiliations, or other healthy, growth oriented people, I have the fundamental right to be with the people I wish to be with. I also believe that I have the fundamental right to exclude from my life the people I do not wish to associate with to whatever degree I wish to. So, if I don’t wish to associate or be friends with someone who is an a**hole, I firmly believe that is my right.

Critics would say that I believe in discrimination then, and they would be correct. I think that the word discrimination has taken on such a toxic and negative tone that we lose all objective and clinical meaning. Discrimination, as per Oxford Languages second definition reads as follows:

From Google

I understand that the current colloquial term infers prejudice, but that is not the definition I am using. We have adopted the first definition as the only acceptable one, and hang much of our social interaction on the idea that having a preference is a bad thing to the point where any preference is labeled with some pejorative “ism” or “phobia.” It is ground that has been ceded for far too long, and must be recaptured.

Libertarians need to push back, which is a bit of an ironic notion. But we have for far too long failed to discriminate between Liberty and Libertine. We have adopted the framework that doing whatever you wish to do is a good thing. The impulsive and hedonistic lifestyle does little to elevate us our historical savagery. The notion that we are little better than beasts has infected our society and culture to the degree where nothing more than the pursuit of pleasure exists. And this must stop.

This drive allows for those who seek power to run roughshod over our rights, to devalue the lives of the people and their property, and see them as little more than cogs in a machine, interchangeable and easily replaced. The larger the machine, the less significant the parts, and ultimately, the easier it is to break.

I recognize that my values are imperfect, that I am not a perfect person, and that a society built solely by me would probably fail. But that is the beauty of community. We have the ability to collectively agree on what we stand for, and what we cannot tolerate. We must return to a position where our love of liberty becomes a near obsession and a sacred treasure. We must return to a view where any infringement upon our rights must be opposed vociferously, using all available platforms and avenues, and avoiding violence whenever possible. We must become as rabid in our defense and expansion of freedom as those seeking power and authority are in their bid for control. We must build a counter-movement to the progressive agenda that seeks to strip away any individuality and uniqueness of the people, and in its place sow the seeds of liberty. This starts small, locally, and individually. We must assert ourselves, before it becomes illegal to do so.

What binds us together is a deep fundamental truth: a society that cannot bind itself together will inevitably fall apart. Without values, and without the will to enforce them, we are nothing but dead men.

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