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We are living in, as the old saying goes, interesting times. With fundamental shifts in our culture, language, traditions, government, and peoples, we are finding ourselves more and more divided in this technological age. What then, can we do to counteract this decay? What then, can we do to blunt the advances of ignorance, tyranny, and authoritarianism? We can speak, boldly and freely. Ideas, as they say, are bulletproof. And if I do nothing, evil triumphs. My efforts may be small in the grand scheme of things, but I do ardently believe that my words and actions matter.

In as much as I can, I encourage you to challenge not only me, but yourselves. Dig deep within your souls and becomes pursuers of The Truth. Look for the assumptions and challenge them, both within and without. For the truth will set you free.

Grace and resilience…

Featured image by Jonathan Lin. Follow the link for more of this artist’s work. We live in a perfectionist victim society, where we can be simultaneously condemned for the slightest infraction, and yet never be responsible for our own actions and reactions. And this is entirely dependent on who you are in our modern society. […]

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