A frustrating Irony

Featured image by Lisa Parker. Follow the link for more of this artist’s work. As a Libertarian, I would very much like to have the market sort itself out. Companies, in principle and/or theory, should be self-regulating and following market principles of voluntary association, ethical integrity, and focus upon maintaining the mutual benefit of all… Continue reading A frustrating Irony

Why Libertarianism needs modernization…

I am a Libertarian. At my core, I am distrusting of the government, skeptical of corporations, and prefer to keep my relations with people at arm’s length unless I have a proven track record of trust and comfort. I value honesty, both in word and in action, hard work, volunteerism, and mutual benefit in all… Continue reading Why Libertarianism needs modernization…

Why I left conservatism

I am a disillusioned conservative, which is why I became a Libertarian. I continue to listen to conservative voices like Michael Knowles, Steven Crowder, and Ben Shapiro, but I hear many of the same arguments from them that I hear from the collectivist left. I will focus on Knowles for a moment. I enjoy his… Continue reading Why I left conservatism

Liberty will never die

Featured image by Colleen. Follow the link for more of this artist’s work. For those who worry that if Biden wins, or if Trump wins, or if this candidate or that candidate wins that liberty will be dead and the United States will become nothing but a fascist dictatorship, let me say this. The fire… Continue reading Liberty will never die

Observations of the Progressive Left vs. my experiences.

Progressivism is an insulated worldview, cultivated in the public school system and universities, and shipped all over the country as people come to grips with the consequences of their own policies. I live on the west coast in California, a deep blue stronghold with near single-party control and some of the highest taxes in the… Continue reading Observations of the Progressive Left vs. my experiences.