Ideological dysentery

Featured image from Follow the link for more fun posters. Something has gone terribly wrong in our country. The values we had aspired to of rugged individualism, community, family, morality, ethics, all of them have been replaced or bastardized, corrupted and morphed into viler and more wretched versions of themselves. And there is no […]

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We must make better arguments…

Featured image from Stars and Follow the link for an article about Biden saying something or other… who cares? I have said that Biden should resign. I’m not particularly fond of people bringing up the idea of impeachment, because while I’m not a fan of President Biden, and he has been very incompetent at […]

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The Illusion of Freedom…

Ladies and gentlemen, we are not living in a free society. As Rousseau said, “Man is born free, yet everywhere he is in chains.” If you have ever played chess, you enter into the endgame phase, the part of the game where the necessary sacrifices have already been made, and the momentum toward either victory […]

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The split

Featured image by Alan Levine. Follow the link for more of this artist’s work. Our country is fractured, and in my opinion, beyond repair. The densely populated coasts and cities of our country have little in common with the “flyover states,” anymore. Our language is diverging at seemingly Babel-esque speed. And our politicians are using […]

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A frustrating Irony

Featured image by Lisa Parker. Follow the link for more of this artist’s work. As a Libertarian, I would very much like to have the market sort itself out. Companies, in principle and/or theory, should be self-regulating and following market principles of voluntary association, ethical integrity, and focus upon maintaining the mutual benefit of all […]

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Why I left conservatism

I am a disillusioned conservative, which is why I became a Libertarian. I continue to listen to conservative voices like Michael Knowles, Steven Crowder, and Ben Shapiro, but I hear many of the same arguments from them that I hear from the collectivist left. I will focus on Knowles for a moment. I enjoy his […]

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