Why Progressives Must attack Parody…

Featured image from the Office of Congressman Paul Gosar.

Let me start by linking to the original post from Rep Paul Gosar, Republican from Arizona’s 4th district.

From YouTube. Paul Gosar’s Attack on Titan Parody

I was laughing hysterically for a bit at the parody, and the subsequent meltdown from the left. It really seems to be true that the left can’t meme, or apparently take a joke. The sacred cows of AOC and President Biden are apparently too taboo for any sort of sarcastic remark, parody, or satirical depiction. Looking at how the Google algorithms are working to peddle the outrage against what would be a totally acceptable satire if the party affiliations were reversed brings me a level of clarity that the left simply doesn’t know how to take a joke, or understand the deeper meanings of the meme.

Screen Capture from Google

So let me explain. The left is hung up on the depiction of AOC and Biden as Titans, from the anime series Attack on Titan. Gosar, whose face is edited on protagonist Eren Yeager’s body, shows him attacking, and killing the AOC Titan, then lining up to attack Biden, whose face appears from the smoke as another Titan. Imagery from the video depicts the situation at the southern border, where millions of illegal immigrants stream into the country, encouraged by the Biden/AOC open border policies, and stories of incentives like amnesty, or even financial compensation.

There is so much to unpack from the references here. And that’s even before I get to the part about how the left can’t handle satire when it’s aimed at them. Attack on Titan’s setting is a fictional world in which humanity lives in a fortified strongholds and is at war with the Titans, a monstrous race of creatures that have a hunger for human flesh. The humans fight the Titans to protect themselves and all of humanity. If the Titans were to get past the walls, they would do untold damage to the people and land that the humans depend on for their survival. The walls, built for the protection of the people, are vital to the story. The defense of the walls, and the people dwelling within it, are the driving force for many of the characters in the story. The Titans mindless hunger and destructive power make them a danger to the humans trying to survive.

AOC and Biden, with their open borders ideology and policies, represent a threat to the people of the United States, living behind the porous walls of the southern border. Their pursuit of open border policies is nearly mindless, with little regard for the impact it has on the lives of the people. Gosar, and his fellow representatives in Arizona, stand for the protection of the people from the mindless open border pursuing titans AOC and Biden, and the attacks are their methods of defeating those policies. Clearly AOC and Biden are not mindless hulking 10 plus foot tall Titans trying to feast upon the flesh of the American People. Clearly Gosar does not suggest literally cutting the nape of the neck off AOC or physically attacking the President of the United States. Clearly this is meant to suggest that Gosar and his allies are trying to defend the people of the United States in a way that would resonate with younger voters or those who are anime fans.

But seriously, why all the outrage?

If this is acceptable, and not a bannable offense on Twitter…

Kathy Griffin retweets pic of bloody 'decapitated' Trump head after  president claims victory in 2020 election

then an anime parody of a representative taking on the President is equally as acceptable.

If having thought about blowing up the White House is cause for celebration…

then a satirical post about Presidential policies and political rivals is equally worth celebrating.

If saying f*** Trump is grounds for applause…

Then this should be applauded as well…

Personally, I think his post is unprofessional and definitely in poor taste. It’s not something I would do myself, and I don’t think it has either the desired effect, or meaningful contributions to active dialogue. But I stand upon the principle that the freedom to express oneself is a protected right, regardless of who is in power. I thought the same things of Kathy Griffin, Madonna, and De Niro, but they have as much a right as Congressman Gosar to speak their mind. The idea that we must now ban political satire and hate speech is a very dangerous road to travel down, and one that I think the progressives and liberals don’t fully realize the peril they place themselves in. At some point the power shifts, the people vote in the other guys, and any powers you give yourself, any tools that you create to oppress others, will be turned back against you. As the Kurdish proverb says,

Do not throw the arrow which w.. - KalimaQuotes
From Kalima Quotes

It would seem that those satires of Trump, like arrows, have returned. From Let’s Go Brandon, to Gosar’s Attack on Titan meme. Progressives should look inward and see how they got themselves here, and maybe, just maybe, they can open a productive dialogue on how to criticize with decency. Fat chance of it happening, but that would be their only way forward.

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