Self-Defense and Media Corruption

Featured image from Scott Olsen of Getty Images.

The Kyle Rittenhouse trial has been going on this last week, and the case, despite the media’s attempts to portray this young man as a right-wing extremist who mindlessly shot at protesters, is failing miserably for the prosecution. The facts that have been laid out by both the prosecution and the defense speak of, in my opinion, clear self-defense. I do think that this case matters though, for both those who believes that people deserve the right to defend themselves, and also for those who wish to strip the American People of their right to bear arms.

But the prosecution’s case was shot full of holes to use a terrible pun in these very serious times when their start witness admitted that he was pointing a gun at Kyle Rittenhouse.

From Reuters via YouTube

But the media cannot deviate from their ideology. Those working in the mostly liberal/progressive media institutions have become activists, replacing the facts with the story, and swimming in their school of thought like fish. A simple Google search results in the following news articles…

Screen capture from Google

Just for giggles, I searched the same search term on Bing…

Screen capture from

And through Duck Duck Go…

Screen capture from

It is within this framing that a larger point can be found. The media cannot seem to help themselves, and cannot step away from their narrative long enough to gain some clarity. The cynical part of me thinks that it is intentional. The spike in viewership from the George Floyd riots and the burning of cities that had taken place around the country by a small fringe group that used the protesters as human shields was like a drug. The steady drip of “Trump is a nazi/fascist” has become too addicting for the media to detox from. And it has become the high that they continue to chase, regardless of the consequence, and regardless of who gets hurt.

But the reality is that Rittenhouse defended himself and his community. Americans have the right to defend themselves from the predations of rioters and criminals, and we must recognize that self-defense can be both very dirty (and sometimes deadly) business, but morally correct. Violence in and of itself is not inherently evil. We have lived in such an era of far off conflict that we have become used to the idea that all violence is bad, while at the very same time that violence for the “right causes” is justifiable.

We must begin by recognizing this truth: The media has become corrupted beyond repair. Their members have become more loyal to the institution than to objective truth. Their pursuits no longer coincide with the pursuit of what is morally right, true, and good, but rather what will bring them the approval, recognition, prestige, and power within the institutions of the media, and the government.

A free press is still necessary, and the Rittenhouse trial brings shines light on how corrupt the institution of the press has become.

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