The cost of modern living…

I’m getting fed up with the concept of modern living. The idea that we need all of this technology, these modern things, and that without them, life is just not worth living, is becoming more and more alien to me. The things that I enjoy in life are starting to become more and more tech-absent. […]

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The split

Featured image by Alan Levine. Follow the link for more of this artist’s work. Our country is fractured, and in my opinion, beyond repair. The densely populated coasts and cities of our country have little in common with the “flyover states,” anymore. Our language is diverging at seemingly Babel-esque speed. And our politicians are using […]

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The next step

Featured image from Joe Burbank of the AP. Follow the link for the original article. I love Disneyland. It has been shuttered for nearly a year now, and I get news about Disney World on my news feeds. This morning I read a blurb from one of the Disney World feeds that piqued my interest. […]

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Why I left conservatism

I am a disillusioned conservative, which is why I became a Libertarian. I continue to listen to conservative voices like Michael Knowles, Steven Crowder, and Ben Shapiro, but I hear many of the same arguments from them that I hear from the collectivist left. I will focus on Knowles for a moment. I enjoy his […]

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Media Priorities

Featured Image from Follow the link for more memes. I typically stayed away from the idea of corporate socialism. It didn’t sit well with me that the government and the large financial institutions would be so intertwined. It grated against the deeply held beliefs that I had about the desire for being free. But […]

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Death of a Social Free-Market.

Featured image by the Biodiversity Heritage Library. Follow the link for more. When I think of a market, I think of typically financial transactions, places where goods and services are exchanged with a relative degree of choice and freedom. The markets aren’t entirely free by design, and are regulated by the government to ensure that […]

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Featured Image by Follow the link for more images. The new year has come and gone, and we now have a new administration that says it is focused on “shutting down the virus.” They won their election on the assumption that Trump didn’t have a plan, and promised “100 million vaccines in 100 days.” […]

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