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Featured image by Seve Helber of the AP via CBS News. Follow the link for the story.

Glenn Youngkin pulled off the upset victory in Virginia, and Twitter blew up with accusations of White Supremacy. I’d like to offer my view on what I think happened, and what it means for the Democratic Party going forward.

I’d like to start with this exit poll, which I think is very indicative to the outcome of the race. Over half of respondents said that parents should have a lot of say in what their child’s school teaches, and a vast majority believe that parents should have at least some say. During the pandemic, and the subsequent school closures, parents got a look behind the curtain as it were, into what their children were learning. And for many parents, it was disturbing. Teachers encouraging students to not tell their parents about what they were learning, teachers reporting students for having toy guns in their rooms, teachers demanding that a student not go to the bathroom while on a zoom class.

From CBS News

And, once the schools reopened, things didn’t improve. Students asking their parents if they were born evil for being born white. Students segregated by race. Schools carrying sexually explicit materials in libraries. Teachers trying to radicalize their children. Teachers ignoring the pledge of allegiance or having their students pledge allegiance to the LGBT or BLM flag.

Needless to say that these concerned parents wanted to voice their concerns to their school boards, to vent their frustrations about what was going on and the values that the teachers were trying to impress upon their children, more and more often being contradictory to the values that they wanted their children to have. And how did the school boards respond? With disdain. They, the college educated, licensed experts, believed that not only were their values superior to the parents, but that they were entitled to the rearing of children by dint of their employment. They often dwelled in similar circles with similar mentalities, having come from similar backgrounds and out of similar educational institutions. They believe, like so many do, that their values system is the common value system, that their knowledge base is common knowledge, and that their morals are the social baseline.

I also believe that the Loudoun County sexual assault coverup also hurt McAuliffe. His insistence that teachers knew better, and that parents should have little say in what their children are being taught was magnified by the deliberate actions of the Loudoun county school board to sweep the sexual assault of a child under the rug. The incident was reported but not acted upon, likely out of fear. That is certainly understandable, I certainly wouldn’t want an example of a boy who identified as gender fluid, bisexual, and enjoyed wearing skirts, who was allowed in the girls restroom due to revised trans-accommodating polies blowing up my assertion that these policies would result in harm to girls either. But instead of facing the facts, reporting the truth, and having a vigorous discussion about how to deal with safety issues, the board hid the reporting.

The father of the girl who was the victim of sexual assault (where did #MeToo go on this btw?) went to the school to confront them, and was understandably upset. He was arrested. Parents, aghast that something could happen to their children at school, then had to undergo the slander from the media, and Terry McAuliffe, that they don’t deserve a say in their children’s education, and worse, that they were being painted by the media as “domestic terrorists,” with the Biden DOJ turning resources to combat this growing problem.

If I were a parent in Virginia, I would be very concerned about my government treating me like a terrorist for wanting to participate in my child’s education. I would be very concerned that one of the candidates looks to be so deeply in the pocket of the teachers’ union, and so beholden to the progressive talking points that Critical Race Theory isn’t being taught in school, and if you think that you’re just a white supremacist racist transphobe. I would be disheartened that a Democrat could handle these issues. Children are impressionable, and focusing so much on radicalizing them into these cultish ideologies against the wishes and will of their parents instead of teaching them how to be functional and productive members of society is great cause for concern.

I think that the Virginia race offers up a clear distinction between the two major political parties. The Democrats want a large, centralized, and powerful government at all levels that is meant to replace the family as the provider, educator, and caretaker. The Republicans don’t. The Republicans have an opportunity to define who they are. Simply being “not Democrats” is not going to be good enough. Personally, I think it’s well past time that the two-party system is abolished, and that true coalition government would be better than the uniparty-esque monstrosity that currently inhabits our political system.

But this cannot be where those who seek smaller and more liberty-oriented government rest. We must push harder and keep our elected officials accountable, and be as willing to replace them for not following through on their promises.

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