Why the Family Matters…

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Family is important in any thriving society and culture. And it seems more and more that the authoritarian left wishes to abolish the family. From organizations like Black Lives Matter, who had in their “What We Believe” section,

“We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and ‘villages’ that collectively care for one another.”

From the Black Lives Matter site via the Wayback Machine

to the active funding of government programs that encourage single motherhood, the nuclear family has been the target of those seeking to fundamentally transform the country. And while I believe that this is done with the most noble of intentions, the unintended consequences of these actions have created a much worse reality for the American people.

I certainly believe that having a mother and father in the household represents the most traditional, and stable (generally speaking) form of family, and that statistically having a two parent household with a mother and father gives the children a better chance for success (again generally speaking). But I am not at all opposed to other types of identified or families of association forming either. I accept the argument that a two parent household comprised of single sex couples can be remarkably successful, just as I accept that a traditional two sex two parent household can result in immensely messed up kids. But even given that, I think that the role of family should still be the fundamental building block of our culture, and should still be something that we aspire to creating.

But this new movement that has infected the Democratic party insists that the government and the cultural institutions should be the ones to raise your children. In the Virginia Gubernatorial race, Terry McAuliffe had repeatedly insisted that the teachers are the ones who should decide on what materials should be in the libraries and curriculum. This exchange during a debate shows the difference between the Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin and Terry McAuliffe.

From YouTube

I don’t attribute Mr. McAuliffe’s motive to malice, but I do think that he has bought into an idea that has very malicious potential. Historically, child indoctrination has been pivotal in the cementing of power for many tyrannical regimes. Subverting the loyalty of the family for loyalty to the government creates a very powerful force that takes a long time to overcome. And I do not believe that the “experts” are more capable at determining what a proper curriculum should be for students than parents are. After all, they are the ones advocating for sexually explicit materials to be allowed in the libraries of high school, despite the objection of parents.

When you engage in attempting to segregate children by race, to teach children to feel guilty for being born white, or to treat children like victims of society based on the color of their skin. Schools are increasingly teaching students what, and not how, to think. This is creating entire cohorts of children that are vastly unprepared for real life, and warping the perceptions of children to believe that the realities of life are somehow society being stacked against them.

What do I mean by the realities of life? Well let me expand. I’ll start with a quote from The Princess Bride.

As John F. Kennedy said, “There is always inequality in life. Some men are killed in a war and some men are wounded and some men never leave the country. Life is unfair.” There are no truly equal people. Yes, we can have blessings and, as the progressives say, privileges from our circumstances, but no two people can have the exact same circumstances. The idea that the government can lift someone up is so very rare, and much more difficult than the more obvious solution that has presented itself time and time again under authoritarian regimes, which is to simply cut everyone else down.

From StareCat.com

Circling back to the family. Authoritarians cannot allow for loyalties beside those to the state. This cult like dogma to loyalty is both the greatest strength, and greatest weakness to those seeking to cement themselves in power. The loyalty to the institution of public education in the case of Virginia will possibly end up sending shockwaves through the system, and may send the thrill of fear into the neo-progressive authoritarians, causing them to either back off their positions or, worse yet, attempt to frantically speed up, causing even more damage before they can be removed from the levers of power.

Family matters. It is a social system that must survive this revolution. It is a fundamental building block of culture and society that, if toppled, will create irreparable damage to our society. Parents, be active in your children’s education. Be present at the PTA meetings, the school board meetings, and know who you are voting for and what they preach. It is this passive indifference that has allowed us to fall this far.

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