What happens when your usefulness runs out?

Featured image is a screen capture from Twitter via Newsweek. Follow the link for the full video and related story.

Our political class views us as a means to an end, and not an end in and of ourselves. It is this simple shift in view has dramatic and profound changes, and we’re seeing in real time the other end of that shift. Once you view someone as no longer human, but a necessary tool, many of the things that they do make more sense.

Per CNN, the Biden Admin is floating the idea of “reparations” for illegal immigrants. The ACLU filed suit against the Trump administration’s “Zero-Tolerance” policy on illegal immigration, seeking damages for families separated under the policies for up to $450,000 or up to one million dollars a family.

I have a several questions about this. What incentive does it send to those seeking to make the dangerous trek from other parts of the world to stay home? What incentive does it send to the coyotes and human traffickers to stop their illegal activity? Do you really believe that the smugglers and coyotes won’t get the money from those they are seeking to take across? What about those seeking reparations for the African American community?

The Democrats have used their supporters as tools, promising them anything that they could to gain their support, and then breaking their promises when the costs become apparent. Students, what happened to your $50,000 in student loan forgiveness? What happened to ending kids in camps? What happened to the $2,000 checks, the $15 federal minimum wage? What happened to his promises not to kill the Keystone pipeline?

The Democrats are going to follow what their corporate donors give them. Despite the best (and naivest) intentions of the progressive fringes of their party, when it comes to the progressive agenda, the initial honeymoon phase between the two has ended, their mutual hatred of the Orange Man becoming their only common thread. This, combined with their most common defense of their policies of ad hominem slanderous attacks, are beginning to unravel. The fringe left continues to label anyone who disagrees with any portion of their agenda as “far-right,” racist, sexist, homophobic, white supremacist, domestic terrorists. This pushes the moderates away from left as they get lumped in with the right. Corporations become more concerned with the opinions of the Twittersphere than their bottom lines, and social media engages in censorship, both deliberately against those who wish to question the authority of the government and/or their company. This not only silences opposing voices, but also turns many off to their services.

We are at a crossroads. I personally believe that we’ve split into two countries with two separate value sets. On the one hand, those who wield of power who believe that they are the largest majority, and on the other, those who have accepted their position of exile in the cornfield who actually make up the majority. The first faction believes that equity should be the primary factor in all things (business, social systems, and institutions), while the other faction believes that opportunity should be the largest factor.

For those who still believe that the government and its actors believe that they genuinely care for them and are there to help, what are you going to do when your usefulness runs out?

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