Progressive Hypocrisy…

Featured image is from Imgflip, made by me. As a Libertarian, I’m very laissez-faire when it comes to personal decision making. I very much believe that you have a right to do what you want to yourself, and that you are responsible for your actions and decisions. I want everyone, regardless of who they are, […]

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Liberty Vs. Libertine

We are dying as a nation. Our values have been left unwatched and unguarded, like a house long abandoned. We barely see the foundations, it is full of cracks and breaks, of mold, mildew, and mice. The exterior is dilapidated and the interior is dust ridden. And yet we live in this squalor, refusing to […]

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Ideological dysentery

Featured image from Follow the link for more fun posters. Something has gone terribly wrong in our country. The values we had aspired to of rugged individualism, community, family, morality, ethics, all of them have been replaced or bastardized, corrupted and morphed into viler and more wretched versions of themselves. And there is no […]

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