It’s all part of the plan (sort of)

Featured image by Kristina D.C. Hoeppner. Follow the link for more of this artist’s work.

I am going to use this featured image for all of my speculative posts, because I recognize how easily people can just lump my speculation into “conspiracy theory” and subsequently dismiss it. Mais c’est la vie, n’est-ce pas? (But that’s life, isn’t it?) This is going to be a fairly long essay, so buckle up.

We’re undergoing fundamental shifts in our relationship to government, along with a fundamental shift in our culture, and an opening up of the American people to authoritarianism, oligarchy, and the replacement of our traditional institutions, values, and freedoms with new “woke” institutions, new norms, and privileges in place of rights. And I believe that it is all by design, though I think that the implementation is being botched at nearly every level, with disasterous effects on the very people that those advocating for these massive shifts claim to represent.

Let me start with a premise, summed up in the words of former Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel…

You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.

Rahm Emanuel

There exists a group of people within the halls of power, who wish to fundamentally restructure the social contract of the United States. They wish to create a united world government that would allow them to be the arbiters, choosing who wins and loses, who is brought down through “redistributive justice,” and who should be uplifted by that redistribution. But the United States, with the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution, stands in opposition to this movement. In order to bring the US, and the freedoms that block their ambitions, in line, the solution is pretty simple. The US must be changed. But how then, does this happen. I refer back to the above quote.

I don’t personally think that SARS-CoV-2 was intentionally leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, though I am in the camp that says the lab leak is the likeliest possibility. But I do think that there are those out there who would take advantage of a global pandemic and use it to seize power and control, and to trample upon the rights and freedoms of the people of the United States. Many states, and countries, implemented lockdown measures to “slow the spread” of the coronavirus. Fifteen days goes by, and more information is learned about the virus, prompting additional lockdowns and restrictions. This event created a tsunami of problems yet to be observed by the American people. Society begins to be divided into “essential” and “non-essential” workers, and everyone gets a check for the “inconvenience” of being told that their purpose in life does not matter. As time goes on, the sentiment breaks down mostly upon party lines. The Democrats favor lockdowns and centralized authority issuing edicts and mandates because they believe that we should believe the scientists and medical experts and nothing else, all in the effort to “save one life.” The Republicans believe tended to focus on the economy, and the negative impacts that the lockdowns had upon the economy. The data was mixed, and it was difficult to follow for most people. Liberal leaning people favored the credentials of the medical establishment, while the conservatives held a more skeptical view.

And that’s only one part of the story…

Prior to the 2020 election, this movement worked in the bureaucracy and shadows, slowly eroding the checks and balances of the three branches of government. The legislation becomes more and more gridlocked as the two party system becomes more ideologically entrenched, which in turn leads to massive spending bills that no single member of Congress reads, and that is mostly written by staffers and legal aides. The Executive becomes empowered to use their executive orders more and more frequently in order to “bypass” the legislative gridlock. And the courts are undermined from their original purpose, and coopted into an activist role. The rules get enforced or changed as the party dynamics shift back and forth, and both nothing, and everything, gets done all at once.

Our social media figured out how to weaponize the algorithms. They determined that the best way to keep people engaged was through fear and rage. A few tweaks to the software, and more and more timelines showed the horrors of life in America under Trump. More and more negative stories crafted to hit all the buzz words and algorithmic boosters would pop into people’s timelines. And with our cultural insistence that we need all the information chopped, cropped, and boiled down to a one word headline, a 10 second clip, or 140 character tweet, we became hooked on finding out information now. The media shifted from getting the story right, to getting it first. Truth be damned, the story is what matters.

During the 2020 Presidential election, the media actively campaigned for Joe Biden, in large part. This influence on the elections was a mixture of political bias, funding, and narrative reporting. Big Tech companies suppressed information about Hunter Biden’s laptop and business dealings, calling it Russian disinformation. The COVID-19 pandemic’s death count was an active chyron at all times, with each misstep and misstatement and speculation from the Trump administration amplified and magnified and catastrophized by the media networks. This group of journalists, mostly college-educated liberals from liberal/progressive universities and working together in an environment that featured few, if any, traditionally conservative people, believe, to varying degrees, that their world-view is the morally correct and proper view, that they should be the gatekeepers of information, and that if the information is indeed correct about Hunter Biden, would do significant damage to their efforts to oust Donald Trump. So, not only do they amplify stories that would damage the Trump re-election campaign, but they would downplay anything that would hurt Joe Biden’s election.

Combine the Anti-Trump journalists with lawmakers and other business folks, all of whom dislike Trump, and many of them operating in anger, and you have a group that is ripe for control by the small group of people seeking the fundamental transformation of the country from an independent nation-first entity, to part of the larger global government.

You might be wondering, how do we get from here to there? I once again refer back to the pull quote.

I remember Bill Maher saying that he would be happy with the economy tanking if it meant that Trump got removed from office. That sentiment, the thirst for revenge, or justice depending on who you ask, again made many people easy to control. They would rather take Joe Biden and all his red flags if it meant that Trump was out. Biden got millions of votes because people gave into their hatred and anger at Donald Trump. They voted, the election was called, Trump went through his litigations, and Biden was declared the winner. All the meanwhile, you have active suppression of information that would have swayed people.

But you don’t transform the country this way, at least, not by itself…

In order to make change you have to make people so uncomfortable that they WANT change. You have to make people so desperate and miserable and angry and distrusting of their institutions, culture, and values, that they wish to see it replaced, regardless of whether what it is replaced with is better than what they have. And you can’t do that when the culture that you are trying to take over and transform has a tightly knit social fabric. So the logical next step would be to undermine that social fabric and cultural value set until the entire thing unravels.

With the election finally certified and Biden sworn in, the folks seeking the fundamental transformation of the country from independent nation to global component found openings in the social fabric through race, class, and income. Critical Theory, with its bastard children Critical Race Theory and Critical Gender Theory, were injected into society at an easy location, the schools. Children in elementary schools were given materials and lessons, teaching them to hate themselves based on their race. Classes were segregated by race. Gender was re-defined, and policies protecting sex-specific restrooms were amended as good faith gestures to the trans community. Information regarding incidents of rape were suppressed out of fear that it would spark backlash from the community and that the teachers who had promised no harm would come from it would be held liable.

Issues at the southern border go unchecked. Millions of illegal immigrants, seeking economic refuge in the United States, are both simultaneously welcomed and shunned by the administration. Thousands get through, some carrying COVID cases, many to enter society and be registered as voters and cheap undocumented laborers who risk deportation and incarceration at a moment’s notice.

Combine this with the ramping up of linguistic drift, accelerated by those who wished to undermine the common language of the people, and instead replace it with words that can have nearly any meaning at any time. This was done in bad faith, as those who would manipulate the language weaponized the new definitions to demean and destroy those who would have an legitimate debate. In their view, the world had to be redefined, re-imagined to fit their new world vision. So the openings in the social fabric became larger and larger fissures as the sides became more and more entrenched in their own positions, neither side yielding to the other, both being exploited by those who would transform the country from an independent nation to a global component.

With the population divided, the next phase of the strategy goes into play. The gradual erosion of freedoms. We accepted that the government can roll over our liberties in the name of health when we accepted the first lockdowns. Everyone, including myself, believed that those implementing it were acting in good faith, and that the emergency powers given to them would be returned as soon as the crisis was over. But those in power seeking to transform the country did not act in good faith. They continued the lockdowns, the mandates, the restrictions, either expanding on them or continuing them every time. They shifted the definitions and the metrics of success from preventing the overwhelming of the hospital system to an undefined reduction of cases, all the while never being challenged by anyone in the compliant media. Now, they push a mandate for a vaccine with diminishing effectiveness, based not in scientific study, but political adherence. They do not care if you have moral, religious, or even medial reasons for not getting the vaccine. They want you to simply comply, or face a fine, the loss of a career, and the designation as a second-class citizen. They don’t allow you to express your reservations freely, unless you do so as a lone voice in the wilderness. They don’t care about how this impacts you, since they have the power and resources to outlast the repercussions of their actions and policies.

But while this all may seem dire, hopeless, and well beyond control, I see the opportunity within the crisis. I see a chance for the American People to realize their misplaced faith in government. I recognize the American People’s chance to re-ignite their spirit of independence and finally push back against those who would try to make us just another cog in the great global machine. We have a chance to re-learn the hard lessons of self-reliance and community, to repair the frayed social fabric and find common ground with our neighbors. We have a chance to establish truly free press and challenge the lies pedaled to us by both institutions and algorithms. We have a chance, and a choice. Live free or die.

What’s it going to be?

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