There will always be men like you…

Time for a rant ladies and gentlemen…

I am reminded of Loki’s rant from The Avengers, when he surrounded the people in Germany…

from YouTube

Authoritarianism, totalitarianism, fascism, control and domination have been a part of the human condition from time immemorial. I’m reasonable sure that I have made this reference before. But I would like to focus on a certain aspect of this particular speech. When the one older man stands before Loki in defiance of his command, Loki’s reply was “There are no men like me,” to which the old man responded, “There are always men like you.” We see this in our world today. The rise of those men, the return of the darkness, history’s epic poem adding another stanza of when evil rose before good would prevail.

Our Republic has fallen, but it was not overthrown by those who rioted on January 6th. It was the governmental response that allowed our freedoms to be crushed. It was the excuse of a global pandemic and the common people being placed in isolation for nearly two years now, forced to change their lives, to be distanced from their neighbors, to become untrusting and uncaring for the lives and stories of their fellows, to become addicted to the simulacrum of reality that was social media and technology. Those who seek power rushed into the vacuum created by all this uncertainty and undermining of principle, and are now attempting to seal the door to the levers of power.

It is not the rich who will be affected by all of this. They will find ways to escape, to hide their money, to blunt the effects of inflation, shortages, and disease. They will throw out crumbs of sympathy to the masses below, and record the whole thing to declare their virtue to the people who starve, ameliorating their guilt with surface level actions. And the people will believe them.

The government wishes to spy upon the people. They sneak in more ways to control the populace, to open wide every small crevice of our privacy, and inject their tentacles of control and taxation into every nook and cranny of our lives. From the use of the surveillance state to the proposal for banks to report every transaction over $600, they manipulate the gridlock of the government to roll out massive spending packages several thousand pages in length, with a deep abiding secrecy and terrible deceipt.

Those who speak up are silenced, expelled for “misinformation” by fact-checkers who look for the tiniest infraction or who add words to spin their web of lies. The institutions protect their puppets, either out of perverted loyalty, greed, or worse yet, fear. Corporations have donated so heavily, invested so much in the capture of institutions that they would bend the knee to the ideologies that have corrupted academia and actively perpetuate their cultish dogma. The media actively tells you not to think. They wish to be like the priests of old, keeping the word of God locked in their churches, telling you that anything short of hand-written copies was bad for the soul.

I see more and more clearly, that we are not better than those who came before us. We are as evil, wicked, corrupt, unjust, unmerciful, and short-sighted as our ancestors. The biggest difference is that we have the capacity to cause more death and destruction, and far fewer places to escape to.

But this does not leave me sanguine about the future. We are starting to recognize that the government, comprised of short-sighted, corruptible people should never be entrusted with so much control. Those who would seek power would surely use it, and even the most well intentioned pursuit causes destruction.

We must continue to speak, to find a way for liberty to endure, and carry the flame of freedom and independence in our hearts as long as we live. We must pass that torch along to every generation, and never cease in the struggle to change those who are open to it. We must remain vigilant, and refrain from violence, for those who seek our destruction would only use it as justification to do us harm.

There will always be men like them. We must be better.

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