Lost Causes

Featured image from YourQuote.com. Follow the link for more content. This post will be short. On the path to recognizing where we are we have to come to accept that some people are set in their worldview, and that they are either unable, or unwilling to challenge the narrative that they constructed for themselves. There… Continue reading Lost Causes

The New Prohibition

Featured image by Eleanor Jaekel. Follow the link for more of this artist’s work. The 2020’s are wild, man. Twain was credited with saying, We’ve experienced a global pandemic (that’s still… ongoing…), several financial crises, and the return of secret parties (speakeasies). The government is becoming both more incompetent, and less concerned with the lives… Continue reading The New Prohibition

The Duality of the Authoritarian Left: A Libertarian Perspective

For a group of people that proclaim to be empathetic, I continue to find that they are some of the most vicious and hateful people out there. They are quick to proclaim their virtue and signal how righteous, good, empathetic, and kind that they are, but when you disagree with them, those quickly disintegrate and… Continue reading The Duality of the Authoritarian Left: A Libertarian Perspective

A frustrating Irony

Featured image by Lisa Parker. Follow the link for more of this artist’s work. As a Libertarian, I would very much like to have the market sort itself out. Companies, in principle and/or theory, should be self-regulating and following market principles of voluntary association, ethical integrity, and focus upon maintaining the mutual benefit of all… Continue reading A frustrating Irony

Why Libertarianism needs modernization…

I am a Libertarian. At my core, I am distrusting of the government, skeptical of corporations, and prefer to keep my relations with people at arm’s length unless I have a proven track record of trust and comfort. I value honesty, both in word and in action, hard work, volunteerism, and mutual benefit in all… Continue reading Why Libertarianism needs modernization…

I shouldn’t be surprised

Featured image by Pierre Blaché. Follow the link for more of this artist’s work. Brian Sicknick was reported to have died from injuries during the capital riot by the New York Times. Now, almost a month later, the Times has issued a correction. Twice, they reported that he was struck in the head with a… Continue reading I shouldn’t be surprised

The next step

Featured image from Joe Burbank of the AP. Follow the link for the original article. I love Disneyland. It has been shuttered for nearly a year now, and I get news about Disney World on my news feeds. This morning I read a blurb from one of the Disney World feeds that piqued my interest.… Continue reading The next step