Definition of Insanity

Featured image from Check out the site for more info on IT stuff (if you’re into that sort of thing…) Today is the California Gubernatorial Recall Election. Many people have been voting early, since my home state is continuing its pandemic produced universal mail in ballots (with some oddities, check out’s breakdown of […]

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F**k Joe Biden

The title says it all… I believe that we’re seeing the unraveling of American unity. To see people openly mocking the President of the United States is disheartening. The office of the President, the institutions that represent and encapsulate the Federal government have lost the plot, they are embracing the collectivism and authoritarianism of socialism […]

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We must make better arguments…

Featured image from Stars and Follow the link for an article about Biden saying something or other… who cares? I have said that Biden should resign. I’m not particularly fond of people bringing up the idea of impeachment, because while I’m not a fan of President Biden, and he has been very incompetent at […]

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Aesop’s Warning

Featured image by Alejandro Slocker. Follow the link for more of this artist’s work. “The haft of the arrow had been feathered with one of the eagle’s own plumes, we often give our enemies the means of our own destruction.” Aesop History is an interesting teacher, the lessons oft repeated, yet seldom learned. It may […]

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Give the man some credit.

Featured image from NBC. Follow the link for an article about him contracting COVID. Bill Maher had a segment that I agree with wholly, about the lessons learned from Afghanistan. As much as I can disagree with him on his politics and personal philosophy, I try to find the places where we can agree. This […]

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Biden should resign…

Featured image from The original story is in Telugu, so have fun translating. The Biden Administration is failing, and we’re seeing it collapse in real time. The progressive and “empathy” President is preparing to abandon thousands of American citizens, and hundreds of thousands of Afghan allies. In his compassion, his administration has provided the […]

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Scholars and Warriors

Featured image by Marie. Follow the link for more of this artist’s work. Thucydides once said, “The society that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting by fools.” We are being lead by cowards and our military commanded by fools. We care more for petty strife […]

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Here comes the “Flation Family”

Featured image by Taki Steve. Follow the link for more of this artist’s work. Inflation is here folks. In many insidious forms, the glut of money dumped carelessly into the economy by a government that believes in printing and spending its way into prosperity is beginning to reap the consequences of its lack of impulse […]

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Viva La Revolution

Featured Image from Getty Images. The people of Cuba are protesting their government, growing tired of the command economy and dictatorial control of Miguel Díaz-Canel, and the former Castro regime before it. As one who believes in liberty and freedom, I stand behind the people of Cuba, and pray that they bring about change, establishing […]

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