Collateral Damage

This election cycle is crazy. The way that it divides people has been something to behold. Friendships, online friendships, marriages, relationships all dissolving because we’ve lost our ability to tolerate our differences. And it’s not even in primary relationships. The tribalist notions have been extended to secondary groups: families, clubs, businesses, organizations, all being tied […]

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The Authoritarianism of Compassion

I’ve seen, read, and heard so many people call themselves compassionate on both the left and right. I’ve also seen those same people become vicious, hateful, rage filled monsters toward people that they disagree with, that mostly happening on the left, though I see it on both sides. Compassion is an interesting virtue. Merriam-Webster defines […]

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Atop the slippery slope of Critical Race Theory, and how we’ve already started sliding.

If I were to ask you what white supremacy means, can you give me an answer without Googling it? I certainly couldn’t anymore. Something to the effect of the domination of a particular racial group (in this case Whites), over all others. However, today’s definition includes the use of power structures and hierarchies in order […]

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The power of projection.

Featured image credit Victor Fitzpatrick, click to follow more of the artist’s work. I have a friend, who shall remain nameless, who struggled for a long time with paranoia and anxiety, would often tell me how often she would run into people who were connected to someone from her past. More than that I will […]

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This is exactly why we need free speech… and why I’m voting for Trump

Cancel culture, censorship, thought speech, implicit bias, silence is violence, my truth, disinformation, misinformation. What has been happening over the last decade, and particularly over the last 4 years in the “free press” has been both hilarious and frightening. Recently, an article was published in the New York post that has been removed on social […]

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An Inconvenient fact

I have had the same conversation many times regarding the founding of the country and the 3/5ths Compromise. Many of today’s “woke” progressives, when posed with the question regarding how the then enslaved African slaves would be counted in terms of representation, would have said they should get full representation, signaling their virtue and giving […]

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Biden’s Brave New World

For what it’s worth, I have no clue who the hell is going to win the election. The polls were wrong in 2016, but they show Trump at near a double-digit or a double-digit deficit against Biden. The pollsters have said that they fixed the issues, but who’s to say. I’ve heard and read about […]

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The Death of American Civility

I scroll through my social media feeds and watch how silent everything is getting. I’m unsure whether that means I’ve finally been unfollowed or blocked by enough people to get back to seeing normal content or if people have finally grown weary of all the political hysteria that has rocked this political cycle. But either […]

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