F**k Joe Biden

The title says it all…

From YouTube

I believe that we’re seeing the unraveling of American unity. To see people openly mocking the President of the United States is disheartening. The office of the President, the institutions that represent and encapsulate the Federal government have lost the plot, they are embracing the collectivism and authoritarianism of socialism and communism, and the results are going to be the same. The government will engage in more and more coercive and tyrannical tactics. And it is no surprise that there is always an excuse. COVID, while a cause for concern, does not represent an existential threat worthy of throwing away all of our civil rights and liberties. It is not the most dangerous, deadly virus on earth. It is very transmissible, yes, but even the delta variant is not as deadly as Ebola, the Spanish Flu, or the Black Death.

President Biden said that he would not do a mandate, and has lied to the American people. He said the Taliban would not take over the country, and has lied every step of the way during the botched withdrawal. His administration has lied about the identity of the people who were attacked by a drone. They have lied about not stranding American citizens in Afghanistan. They have lied about the Crisis on the Border. They have lied about inflation. They have lied about their legislative efforts.

What trust should the American people have in their government? What trust should the American people have in a President who so casually lies? What trust should the American people show in someone who is so callous to the loss of their loved ones that he would check the time during the dignified transfer over and over and over again? What trust should the American people have in an administration that claims to be transparent, but gives the President a list of approved reporters to ask questions; or, worse yet, a President that turns his back on the press because he is too cowardly to answer a tough question that undermines his self-image.

I respect the office of the President. I do not respect Joe Biden. He clearly forgot that he is supposed to be the President of the United States, and not just the blue states, and it shows as he continues to demonize half of the country. My heart breaks for our country, because I still wish to hold out hope that we can reconcile, but more and more it seems as if we’re losing any common values. We forget that we are even the same people, united under the common belief that our rights are inalienable and that we should respect one another. We should be speaking, not screaming, at each other. We should be practicing mercy, patience, and kindness toward one another.

But instead we get this. Pray, people. If you have faith in any sort of god, pray for this nation, else we’ll rip ourselves apart.

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