At least there’s no mean tweets, am i right?

Featured image by the Byline Times. Follow the link for an bullshit puff piece for Biden that I skimmed, and honestly who cares, I was just after the picture anyway. (Pardon the language.)

President Biden has had his “I am the Senate” moment. For those who are unfamiliar with the reference, Chancellor Palpatine, the representative from the planet Naboo in the Star Wars Galaxy, centralized and consolidated power during the Clone Wars, eventually prompting the Jedi Council to intervene and attempt an arrest. Turns out that Palpatine was a Sith Lord, and was behind the events that lead to the Clone War, and using the resulting chaos and fear to consolidate power and create the first Galactic Empire.

From YouTube. Time Stamp 2:52.

In July, Jen Psaki, Propaganda Minister for the Biden administration, relayed to the media that it was not the role of the federal government to mandate vaccines, despite the frustrations that local and state officials had with convincing people to get the COVID vaccines that are available. This echoes their stance from December, when they told us that they couldn’t mandate vaccines. So what changed? Sure, Delta continues to work its way through the country, Lambda, Mu, and other variants continue to form (though per the Wall Street Journal they’re unlikely to become the predominant variant), and vaccine hesitancy continues to be a problem, but these problems and what-ifs, and unknown, unquantifiable variables existed then. What changed, really?

Since December, we’ve experienced record levels of inflation, Biden botched the withdrawal from Afghanistan, trapping “hundreds” of Americans (I use quotes because I believe they’re lying about the real number), the administration has continued to flounder on the border, pushed for trillions more in spending (and is on track to default on the debt in October per the Hill and other sources), encouraged social division by engaging and catering to the most radical members of the coalition that got him elected, and has nearly single-handedly sorted the country into Red and Blue States.

“Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f— things up.”

Barack Obama

This quote is interesting. While not directly tied to Obama in writing, the quote has been pegged to him for years now. Business Insider writes about Biden’s lack of connection to the electorate, and it shows. Biden is an impatient and easily embarrassed man. We should have taken his brazen attempts to lie about his college credentials as a serious point of skepticism. We should have wondered if he was willing to lie about something relatively trivial, what else would he be willing to lie about? Well, it turns out he would be willing to lie about the state of affairs in Afghanistan, his stance on abortion, and his administration’s willingness to devolve into tyranny.

“I have this strange notion, we are a democracy … if you can’t get the votes … you can’t [legislate] by executive order unless you’re a dictator. We’re a democracy. We need consensus.” 

Joseph R. Biden

So, can we say he’s a tyrant yet? Can we say that he has finally reached his tipping point, and that the madness must end? Can we say that this line of action is going down a path we cannot go down, and that it will tear this country apart?

Does this administration understand the ramifications of its own proposals? Does the administration plan to include religious or medical exemptions? Will corporations care that their employees have religious beliefs or medical conditions that prevent them from getting the vaccine? Will they care? Will millions more Americans be fired for refusing to regularly test? Will unvaccinated people be berated, derided, or exiled from their work because they have to go test? What protections will companies offer their employees for their anonymity, or will they reveal to the rest of the employees know who among them are unvaccinated? Where does it all end? What is the point of satiation?

I hate to use the lingo of the neo-progressive left and the CRT crowd, but this mandate reeks with racism. The latte liberals and their allies don’t see how their fascistic stance and use of compulsion adversely impacts the very people that they claim to care deeply about. They don’t understand that the more they push people to obey, the more they stoke the deep fires of independence lurking in the American people. And when they say that they don’t care about individual freedoms, the more they remove their masks and reveal themselves to be the authoritarians they feign to be fighting.

The “adults” are in charge, and they’re doing a real bang up job, right? We’re only sacrificing our essential liberties for temporary security, and attempting to quash others right to speak freely to prevent “misinformation.” We’ve exchanged science for religion and doctors for priests. We’ve become more connected to every opinion, and yet, far less intelligent and discerning. We’ve traded our shared values for hyper-individualism and tribalism.

But hey, at least there’s no mean tweets from the bad orange man, right?

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