Definition of Insanity

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Today is the California Gubernatorial Recall Election. Many people have been voting early, since my home state is continuing its pandemic produced universal mail in ballots (with some oddities, check out’s breakdown of why the envelopes have holes). A quick aside on this, I understand why the holes are there, I actually support trying to make the ballots as accessible as possible for people to return them so that way we have election integrity. But I do find it curious that the Yes or No question falls right where the holes are. I think, at the very least (if I wish to don my tin foil hat for a moment), that someone designed the ballot to accommodate the envelope with that outcome, and not the envelope for the ballot. But (removing tin foil hat), the most likely possibility is that someone designed the envelope separately from the ballot, and that it was an unfortunate coincidence.

I personally don’t care what you believe when it comes to voting. I would like to convince you, or open your mind to, different possibilities and ways of thinking. But at the end of the day, I believe in performing our civic duty. I will be voting in person today, and I encourage anyone who hasn’t already voted, to vote, and to hear what I have to say about why Gavin Newsome should be recalled.

California is sick. We have had a Democratic majority for almost two decades, and a supermajority since 2018, and it shows. The party that claims to be compassionate and full of empathy are the ones pushing to disband civil rights protections from the state constitution. They have allowed for cities to be overwhelmed with homeless people, creating detestable living conditions for many who could otherwise be contributing members of society. San Francisco has a poop department for God sakes (And if you’re interested, it pays really well apparently per Business Insider). The claim is that this crisis is due to a shortage of affordable housing. But in my opinion, it is poor city management and policy decisions that have contributed to over 13,000 reports this year.

California has, per the AP, reclassified theft to a misdemeanor, and has little interest in prosecuting petty theft crimes. But despite the best of intentions, videos circulate of shoplifting throughout the state. People taking trash bags and duffle bags of cosmetics, California has also had efforts to defund the police, and so the resources are stretched thin. So this compassionate approach to helping people who, as AOC had said about a similar rise in crime in New York City, were “stealing bread to feed their children,” results in retailers closing stores.

Per the Federalist, Target and Walgreens, among other retailers, have closed locations in various California cities, and have shortened hours in response to the rise of retail theft. Residents are now having to find alternative locations to shop, for some, many miles away.

California, under the Democratic supermajority, has lost many companies, fleeing the state’s heavy-handed regulations (396,000 according to Mercatus Center at George Mason University) and burdensome taxes (49th of 50 per The Tax Foundation). My brother, who’s dream is to start his own bread company, could not get it off the ground in California, as the cottage laws and start up costs made it far more sensible to move to Texas. Over 200 companies have relocated their headquarters over the last four year, at an average of six per month per Forbes.

The people of California have the third highest electricity prices in the country (48th per the US Energy Information Administration), and have prices that are 16% higher than the US average according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis. And our housing prices are second highest in the nation.

Each problem, by itself, is a brick in the wall that prevents people from coming to, and thriving in, this state. I myself am beginning to consider taking a pay cut and finding greener pastures outside of the state. And with national inflation hitting record levels, it is getting harder and harder to make ends meet without taking on more work (something that I do not wish to do, but will do so to make it.) And yet, the solutions seem to be more government spending and programs, more dependency on the state government and less actual service. It is a centralized state authority that can force businesses to close due to COVID, and exempt all their largest donors in Hollywood and Silicon Valley. It is a state that cares little for the people with the exception of when they need their votes.

It’s time for change. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. To keep Gavin Newsome in office would be just that, insanity. To have someone in office that would impose restrictions on all of us Californians, just to ignore them himself is hubris at its most obvious. He needs to go, and California needs to wake up before the atrophy wicks away our ability to recover. We have issues, but the solutions presented by the Democratic supermajority are not really solutions, but more and more it seems to be ideological virtue signaling, or corruption.

If you live in California, go vote. Vote your conscious. I just hope that you have had a chance to understand the perspective of someone who wants change.

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