F**k Joe Biden

The title says it all… I believe that we’re seeing the unraveling of American unity. To see people openly mocking the President of the United States is disheartening. The office of the President, the institutions that represent and encapsulate the Federal government have lost the plot, they are embracing the collectivism and authoritarianism of socialism […]

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The memes were sorta right…

Featured image from IFunny.com. Follow the link for more memes. One of the things that I had expected from the transition between the Trump and Biden administrations was the relative silence on the southern border issues. I saw memes, like the one featured for this post, that had joked that the media wasn’t going to […]

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The New Prohibition

Featured image by Eleanor Jaekel. Follow the link for more of this artist’s work. The 2020’s are wild, man. Twain was credited with saying, We’ve experienced a global pandemic (that’s still… ongoing…), several financial crises, and the return of secret parties (speakeasies). The government is becoming both more incompetent, and less concerned with the lives […]

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So it begins.

If the American People wish to have any semblance of a country left, they must tell the people who think that it is acceptable to storm the capital loudly and collectively “NO.”

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Why standards matter

Featured image from Know Your Meme. Follow the link for more info. I was poking around on social media as I do seemingly more and more as an observer rather than a poster. Many more of my posts either deal with other, innocuous things, or they link to my blog here. I’ve grown more and […]

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This is exactly why we need free speech… and why I’m voting for Trump

Cancel culture, censorship, thought speech, implicit bias, silence is violence, my truth, disinformation, misinformation. What has been happening over the last decade, and particularly over the last 4 years in the “free press” has been both hilarious and frightening. Recently, an article was published in the New York post that has been removed on social […]

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