I could laugh, cry, or scream. I choose to laugh.

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What’s the point of getting mad at how the world is working? Cigna has implemented critical race theory training, and is encouraging employees to not hire people based on the color of their skin. Coca-Cola is implementing anti-racism training and mandating racial quotas for their legal department, telling their employees to “try to be less white.” The Arizona Department of Education’s “equity toolkit” claims that 3 month old babies are racist because “Silence about racism reinforces racism by letting children draw their own conclusions based on what they see.”

Why should I get angry about how crazy our world has become? I may not agree with some of the stances of Bill Maher, but he’s certainly right when he called the American people, “a silly people.”

From YouTube

Honestly, we deserve all of this. We’ve gotten away from the ideals and values that enshrined our freedoms, instead trading them for hyper-individualism, a nanny state, and skin so thin that even saying nothing is considered violence. We are dominated by cult-like thinking, and have people actively campaigning to destroy the lives and careers of people for remarks that they made a decade ago (Teen Vogue). We expect people to be perfect, and cannot forgive them when it turns out that they are not. We have no room for error, no room for context, no room for intent, no room for conversation, no room for due process, no room for anything except the worst possible motivations, unless you speak the new language. What kind of society can exist in that environment? After all, we judge people who lived hundreds of years ago by today’s standards, it’s just the logical next step.

So what can I do about it? I can laugh. I can see the absurdity of the entire situation and call it what it is, absurdity. I can look at the people vying for the affection of people who’s standards change by the hour, and say that they are being, like Bill Maher says, “a silly people.” I can laugh at all of it, because it tells the people who are acting in this manner, that I don’t believe in it, and that it will blow up in their faces.

My eye muscles have gotten so strong from all the eye rolls I do nowadays. I don’t care anymore. I’m going to get canceled at some point, and eventually the people in the cornfield will just make it home, and once enough people are there, life will reset again.

I guess the nicest part of all this woke nonsense is that I get to spend less money. All these companies going woke and forcing “anti-racism” training and telling white people that they are essentially the devil means I don’t need to spend my money there. Evil has no color, it is simply evil. Telling anyone that they are bad/evil/less than due to their immutable characteristics is evil. Assuming that someone can’t do a thing because of their immutable characteristics is evil. People are capable. We are all born with different talents. We have become so focused on nurturing hatred that we lose our ability to create.

So I will laugh.

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