The memes were sorta right…

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One of the things that I had expected from the transition between the Trump and Biden administrations was the relative silence on the southern border issues. I saw memes, like the one featured for this post, that had joked that the media wasn’t going to treat the Biden administration with the same level of scrutiny. And initially they were correct. Instead of saying “kids in cages,” they labeled it “undocumented minors is overflow facilities.”

But now, the media is being prevented from accessing these facilities. The AP reports that over 15,000 migrant children are currently in US custody. Both the Departments of Health and Human Services and Homeland Security have denied access not only to the AP, but also to “nonprofit lawyers who conduct oversight of facilities where children are detained.”

Project Veritas obtained photos from the facility in Donna, Texas, and posted it through social media and online. I am including the images here.

Images from Project Veritas
Images from Project Veritas
Images from Project Veritas
Images from Project Veritas
Images from Project Veritas

It is quite sad, and infuriating that we have arrived in this situation. We are seeing, in real time, how the policies of the Biden administration of looser border restrictions and actions devoted to “empathy,” have created a humanitarian crisis. Yes, wanting a more open border has created an influx of kids in cages. Counterintuitive as it seems, good intentions have created terrible outcomes.

I have said prior to the election, along with conservative commentators and anti-establishment folks that the Democrats would try to add states and kill the filibuster. My predictions seem to be coming true, as the Democrats weigh killing the filibuster to remake Washington. The Wall Street Journal has an interesting take on the issue. Populous states want more representation in government, because they, after all, have larger populations. The distributions of power and population are relatively unchanged from where they were fifty years ago. But to remove the filibuster would essentially tell the less populous states that they no longer have a say in federal matters, but they still are required to pay taxes, and you know what our country feels about taxation without representation.

The continued pushes by the government to federalize elections, pass sweeping gun control measures, to flood the states with illegal immigrants, to outsource infringements of our liberties to corporations, to use emergency powers for political purposes, to add states, these measure are being seen not as the everyday workings of a healthy democracy, but more and more as an all-out assault on the Constitution and freedoms enshrined within it. I don’t know whether the Democrats see the consequences of their actions, or can look ahead to see the unintended consequences. I try desperately not to attribute malice to their actions. But the cynical part of me says that it is intentional and deliberate, and that they want some sort of conflict to break out in order to secure absolute control.

I hope I am wrong.

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