The New Prohibition

Featured image by Eleanor Jaekel. Follow the link for more of this artist’s work.

The 2020’s are wild, man. Twain was credited with saying,

History doesn't repeat itself, but it often rhymes." —Mark Twain | Best  insults, Mark twain, Sick burns

We’ve experienced a global pandemic (that’s still… ongoing…), several financial crises, and the return of secret parties (speakeasies). The government is becoming both more incompetent, and less concerned with the lives of the people. Society has been boiled down to mere interactions and transactions.

We’ve entered into this century’s prohibition movement. A small, very vocal, and well connected group of people are steering the public discourse in directions that both empower them, and punish the groups and industries that they hate.

There is a pretty entertaining YouTube series that jumped into my feed, and I thought it was worth watching. One of the videos was about the 1920’s era of prohibition.


Today’s prohibition is no longer about items, but rather ideas. More specifically, the ideas that don’t coincide with the authoritarian neo-leftist ideologies of top down government control and corporate homogeneity, what I jokingly call the processed cheese theory of America. If you disagree with the ideas of gender and race theory, are skeptical about how the current “green” movement would combat climate change, or express any doubt about the legitimacy of our elections or other governmental institutions, you are quickly labeled “far-right” and removed, without warning or remedy, from the various platforms that represent the commons in our modern technological society. Free expression is more and more becoming a black market.

Whether it is alcohol, drugs, or today, ideas. Prohibition and the banning of things do not work. Discussion of ideas leads to better decisions. The ideas do not simply vanish if they are banned, but rather, they become taboo. There is a draw to the forbidden fruit, and those who practice the ban are more often than not considered lesser for it. Instead of challenging the idea or showing the superiority of their own perspective, they instead get rid of it, practicing a grown up version of putting one’s fingers in one’s ears and shouting “I’m not listening.”

The reason behind it is simple. When exposed to the light of truth, their ideas shrivel. When the ones peddling Climate Action, CRT, and the various neo-leftists philosophies are exposed as the grifters that they are, then their support will wane.

I believe that the individual is capable, regardless of race, sex, perceived gender, religion, creed, ethnic heritage, and so on, of doing what they set their mind to. I understand that there are obstacles, challenges, and impediments, but those make it the achievement more outstanding, and exposes the true inequities in the systems, allowing for us to move closer to true equality under the law.

But this kneel or be destroyed totalitarianism that is creeping into our culture is the true evil of our time, and no amount of prohibition will prevent it from eventually collapsing under its own weight.

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