We must make better arguments…

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I have said that Biden should resign. I’m not particularly fond of people bringing up the idea of impeachment, because while I’m not a fan of President Biden, and he has been very incompetent at his job, that does not warrant impeachment. He has ignored the advice from his military and intelligence advisors, has routinely made poor decisions on how to withdraw from Afghanistan, has made the country look weak and doddering, has to be lead by the nose on fielding questions from the media, has walked away from the media despite claiming to be “the most transparent administration in US History,” routinely rambles through his speeches, stumbles on stairs, lies about the severity of his dogs’ attacking secret service members, and the list goes on and on. But none of that falls in the category of “high crimes and misdemeanors.” (Though if someone can make an effective argument, I’m open to hearing it.)

NBC news reports that the chip shortage for vehicles, and the higher prices that come with the decrease production of vehicles, are likely to stretch into 2022. Ford, for example, loses about 937 million dollars per 100,000 units of “lost F-Series production,” meaning for every 100,000 vehicles in the F-series line that isn’t produced, Ford loses almost a billion dollars of revenue before interest and taxes.

Why is that Biden’s fault? Well, let me connect some dots here. The Biden administration, in its attempts to be empathetic to the plight of the working folk, have continued to expand unemployment benefits for working families. Six “advanced payments, per Marca.com, are scheduled for 2021 (and in my opinion will likely be extended into next year since temporary government programs have a nasty habit of becoming permanent). This, of course, does little to incentivize people to return to the job market, leaving a staggering 10.1 million job openings despite one million “created jobs” in August. Without people in manufacturing jobs, little is getting made to help relieve the supply shortages caused by the lockdowns and subsequent stalling of the economy.

Higher gas prices, food shortages, inflation from overspending, and the emphasis on pumping even more money into the economy, these desires, all championed by the Biden administration, are having deleterious effects on the economy, and our ability to get back to business as usual.

So why again do I say Biden shouldn’t be impeached. Because, as H.L. Mencken said, so appropriately…

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I firmly believe that many people bought into the media’s portrayal of Donald Trump, and that the emphasis on every small detail of his administration’s fumbles and foibles, particularly on COVID, helped to paint the picture that he didn’t know what he was doing. I also believe that the field in the last election cycle was never level. Institutional capture of the media, universities, and big tech companies helped to steer Biden into the Whitehouse. As many times as Biden called a lid on his campaign trail, and as little pushback the Biden campaign received from the media when they didn’t allow for questions, it makes sense why so many people voted how they did. When you have the entirety of the machine turned against you, with emergency provisions in place due to a once in a century pandemic, and CNN marking each death as a perpetual chyron on their screens, it makes it difficult to secure the electoral victory. I do not purport to say that there was fraud, that issue has been litigated. What I am saying is that the election, in the court of public opinion, was never an equal playing field.

We must make better arguments, both in style and in substance. We must learn what appeals to people and help craft our narratives to turn them. Logic and facts don’t appeal to many in this country anymore. I blame our education system for priming children on what, not how, to think. As a product of the public education system, I have had to unlearn, re-learn, and learn many life lessons that school never prepared me for. Had I realized this sooner, I would have gone to trade school, or into the military, rather than spend seven years on a two year degree that I have little plans to ever use.

We must realize that the deck is stacked against us, and strive to break down the machine piece by piece, starting at the most basic of levels. Towns, cities, counties first, States, then finally the federal government. We have to assert values into the culture war. Hell, we have to accept that a culture war is being fought, and finally be willing to risk everything to make progress. These battles will never be won in the short term. It took a hundred plus years to get this far down the rabbit hole, and likely it will take longer to climb back out.

If we cannot make better arguments, it matters little if we have a Biden, Harris, or whomever in the Whitehouse. No level of incompetence will be able to carry us further if we cannot capitalize on it.

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