Magic and Ritual…

Featured image by Paul Stevenson. Follow the link for more of this artist’s work.

As advanced as we are in the fields of science, we are equally as ignorant. We often claim credit for the vast stores of human knowledge and experience, without ever really considering how much of it is simply known second-hand. It is due to this negligence that we fall victim to our own superstitions and hubris.

Let me start for the record that I believe that I am not INHERENTLY against the wearing of masks. From my understanding, the evidence suggests that the use of masks does help cut down on the transmission of the droplets carrying COVID from infected persons to non-infected persons. I am all for an individual weighing their risks of contracting COVID and choosing whether or not to wear a mask. If they believe, as they have every right to do, that wearing a mask will prevent them from getting sick, then by all means, they should practice their rituals freely, without compulsion from the government.

I couch the wearing of masks in religious terms, because more and more, it seems to have taken on near mystical properties. I have several questions for those looking at my post and thinking that I’m going to go into the crackpot conspiracy theorist mode.

How important is the proper wearing of the masks? Does the type of mask matter to you, or is it just covering your face? What about proper storage of the masks? Cleaning? Disposal? If the virus is as terrible and spreadable as claimed, why has the CDC not come out with recommendations for the proper disposal of surgical masks? Do you wear the same mask over multiple days? Do you shove it in your pocket? Do you lift your mask to scratch your face? Do you take your mask off by touching the underside of the mask?

Again, my perspective is that wearing masks is a good individual decision. But I have serious doubts about the effectiveness of masks when the lab data doesn’t include reality. The assumptions on mask effectiveness are that everyone wears their mask properly, that they don and doff their masks properly, that they’re not scratching their faces inadvertently, and that they’re fitting the masks they do wear tightly to their faces.

And when I look around and see the reactions of people to those questions, the most common reaction I see is anger. Don’t question it, just wear your mask. Get the shot regardless of your health conditions and potential risk. Don’t question, obey. The authoritarians rear their ugly heads. Rage, yelling, and social stigmatization.

It is interesting to see how religious the neo-progressive authoritarians are getting in their atheistic religion. I just wonder if they see it that way?

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