Why I’m not scared of Omicron

Featured image by Daniel Lobo. Follow the link for more of this artist’s work. My coworker asked me if I had gotten my booster yet. I told him “No.” He followed up with, “are you going to get your booster?” I again told him, “no.” I don’t believe that I need to get a booster, […]

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The pandemic is over…

Ladies and gentlemen, the pandemic is over. It is time to return to life, drop the insane mask and vaccine mandates, and live with this virus. We cannot travel further down this road of fascism and totalitarianism if we wish to stay a Republic and maintain our Constitution. Let me explain further. The Hill put […]

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Or Else…

Featured image of Nicki Minaj from NBC News. Nicki Minaj has been making headlines as of late. The rapper and artist has been making waves throwing shade at the media’s portrayal of her tweets, and the misconstruing of her words, trying to make her out to be an “anti-vaxxer.” That phrase has been so diluted, […]

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Magic and Ritual…

Featured image by Paul Stevenson. Follow the link for more of this artist’s work. As advanced as we are in the fields of science, we are equally as ignorant. We often claim credit for the vast stores of human knowledge and experience, without ever really considering how much of it is simply known second-hand. It […]

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Where’s the money?

Featured image by Fredrik Rubensson. Follow the link for more of this artist’s work. When looking at the effectiveness of politicians, we should look at what they prioritize. We can then compare that to what they promised, and determine whether they are following through on their promises. One of the promises made during the campaign […]

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Third Law

It is almost as if we’re beginning to see the repercussions of the various actions performed by disparate and unaligned groups against the governed population.

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An Opinion of an Opinion.

Link to the original article is here, though you’ll have to pay for it. Featured image by senpatientulo. Follow for more of this artist’s work. Gustavo Arellano wrote a piece published in the LA Times that I found through a friend of mine on Facebook. Having a chance to read the article, I will leave […]

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