Where’s the money?

Featured image by Fredrik Rubensson. Follow the link for more of this artist’s work.

When looking at the effectiveness of politicians, we should look at what they prioritize. We can then compare that to what they promised, and determine whether they are following through on their promises.

One of the promises made during the campaign was a “$2000 check.” The promise made was that the checks would be going out “next week.” Since those promises were made, we have had the following:

  • 50 Executive actions covering COVID, Immigration, the economy, equity, the environment, national security, healthcare, the census, ethics, regulation, labor, and other areas. (Per CNN)
  • One of those executive orders killed the Keystone XL pipeline, eliminating 10,000 union jobs.
  • An impeachment trial for the former President that failed to convict (again).
  • An airstrike in Syria (Per NBC News)
  • The push for the Equality Act that would create inherent contradictions in the application of the 1964 Civil Rights Law with the addition of gender identity and sexual preference.
  • Acquiescence on raising the minimum wage, though I am rather okay with that. (Per Rolling Stone)
  • An article from Time Magazine talking about how a secret, well connected group fortified the election by changing laws and controlling the flow of information.

No check. Sure, the 1.9 trillion dollar stimulus package is sliding its way through Congress, but it is rife with money unrelated to helping the American people. The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget offers a pretty good breakdown of the amounts and projects in the American Rescue Plan… This includes:

My frustration is at the lack of details. But the specific references for states and the application of money specifically for federal workers instead of all workers leave a sour taste in my mouth. I don’t trust that the government will either spend properly, or entirely.

Again the CRFB has a good tracker for these items. Three Billion into the International Development Association. Another 250 million to “provide economic, security, and stabilization support to foreign countries through the State Department.” 8 billion for the Defense Department, in the COVID relief… It’s pretty interesting. Frustrating, but interesting.

For those who depend on the government, you can better see their priorities now that they’re in power. They have made their empty promises, and now we get to see how the American people will come to resent their choices. The cost of life will go up. The people in power are going to make sure that they will stay in power. They will do just enough, in Stalinesque fashion, to give you enough crumbs to keep you coming back.

Hopefully we’ll finally realize that the government is not the solution, but rather the problem.

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