This is why people believe that your vote doesn’t matter…

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TIME Magazine came out with a very revealing article about the election recently. You can find the text of the article in my post here. According to Molly Ball, a well funded group of individuals and organizations “conspired” to “fortify…” the election against then president Donald Trump.

The article itself is chock full of pre-suasion, motive assumptions, and other framing devices used to paint this coalition of well-funded, well-organized, and data driven individuals as heroes of democracy. It is a propaganda piece, to be echoed in the halls of power, forming up the refrain to be sung again and again by those who review the 2020 election. The supposition is that democracy was perilously close to falling apart is both rather bold, and at the same time, rather disingenuous.

This article is a black pill for many, and is designed in part to show those who would oppose the outcome of the election just how organized their opposition is, and the extent to which they have captured the methods of distribution: media, activism, technology, and politics. I would be lying to say it’s disheartening.

To me, it reminds me of when President George W. Bush said, “I’ve abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system.” In a way, the article makes a similar assertion. This cabal of well-funded and well-connected individuals and groups had to abandon democratic principles to “save” democracy. Certainly there are things that I can admire. Ensuring that people could get their votes out, and encouraging the participation in this country’s representative republic form of government are admirable. The turnout was the biggest thing that carried Biden into the office of the President. It certainly wasn’t his stage presence.

But there are things that concern me. The casual conflagration between disinformation and misinformation for one, the assertion that Trump was engaging in conspiracy theories and lies, and that the former president was “autocratically inclined.” Many of these narratives were fed into the media cycle through social media, and repeated ad nauseum by media outlets all over the world, whether they were true or not. The concerns over mailboxes being removed suddenly became a scandal and were “evidence” that President Trump was going to “steal the election” by restricting the places people could mail in their ballots.

But this group changed election laws, per Molly Ball’s piece. And lawsuits that would have prevented the changes were dismissed because there was no injury. We later come to find out that the same lawsuits were dismissed for latches after the party was injured. The pandemic provided a useful tool to enact their plans, along with the death of George Floyd. People, angry with the system, were susceptible to being manipulated, and that’s precisely what happened. The movement was co-opted into the election campaign of Joe Biden, despite him being the author of the 1994 crime bill, and his own racist statements about black people. The people believed that the movement was good and righteous. Those who said differently were ridiculed, berated, and silenced.

In the article, these activists were told to “stand down.” Sounds familiar right? During the debates, when Trump said “Stand down, and stand by,” to the Proud Boys, the media wailed and moaned, gnashing their teeth and saying that Trump had some sort of control over this group. They were painted as the brown shirts for Trump’s hitlerian regime, and became the scapegoat for all things “white supremacist,” despite being chaired by a black man, and not being white supremacist at all. Pesky things like the meanings of words and objective facts mean little when you have narrative control. According to Ball’s article, this coalition had members who would have had demonstrations at “400 sites” and that could be “activated” by a text message. The admission to this should be pretty surprising, and yet, Ball publishes it as if it were nothing more than a simple fact.

I still believe in people. I still believe that people when they are given proper facts, will make reasonable decisions. I am hopeful that people will recognize that the group that installed Biden as President, can understand that they aren’t looked at as an end in and of themselves, but as a means, as a pawn, or as a tool. I think that people will come to see that their lives aren’t going to improve under the policies that Biden is pushing. Higher taxes on corporations will push small businesses down, drive prices up, and make it more difficult for people to get ahead, or even stay afloat. The energy policies will hurt the poor and the average working class folks the most, as Biden pushes to ban fracking, or as he said during the campaign, to phase it out. Higher gas costs and electricity prices will force people to make hard decisions. Higher medicine prices (like insulin) and longer wait times as the healthcare industries are pressured to be federalized or nationalized.

This administration doesn’t see helping the American people as a priority. They’d rather try and impeach a president no longer in office, and to slash our ability to be energy independent. They view themselves as heroes of the world, and that we should be part of a world community. They believe that the Constitution is an obstacle, and given the proper choice, they would silence their “enemies,” strip the people of their ability to defend themselves, and centralize their power in order to effectuate their desires without pushback from the people.

Keep your eyes open. There are dark days ahead.

By Patrick Woodland

I write about the things that have impact on me.

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