The Illusion of Freedom…

Ladies and gentlemen, we are not living in a free society. As Rousseau said, “Man is born free, yet everywhere he is in chains.” If you have ever played chess, you enter into the endgame phase, the part of the game where the necessary sacrifices have already been made, and the momentum toward either victory or defeat has been established, and it becomes a matter of time and moves for a winner and loser to be established.

We are trapped in a perception that we are a nation in decline, that the United States is on a path to no longer be the sole world superpower, and that, increasingly, the US is viewed as the source of the world’s problems. The Daily Caller reports that BLM, the organization (not the movement or the statement) has come out in support of the Communist government of Cuba, despite reports that the government officials opened fire on the “peaceful protesters,” as CNN reports. An organization that was founded to fight police brutality is siding with a government that uses the police against protesters is some pretty delicious irony, and that statement of support undermines their integrity, at least on the surface level.

The Biden administration is divided on these protests, with our president standing in support of the Cuban people’s “right to peaceful protest,” while the Press Secretary refuses to name Communism as the cause, according to Yahoo News. Certainly, a government that espouses the ideologies of a command and control economy, the persecution or elimination of political rivals, and the stripping of freedoms from their people in order to keep them in line to the point that making a desperate attempt to float their way across the ocean on makeshift rafts made of cars, barrels, or other scavenged materials like the one seen below, seems favorable.


But the place they are fleeing to more and more is espousing the same types of rhetoric. More and more the Republican party is being demonized as “Threats to the Republic,” “Enemies to Democracy,” and a vicious group of racists, sexists, bigots, homophobes, transphobes, and terrorists. For the crime of voting for the other guy… let that sink in. The government and the large corporations that increasingly fund it are turning their attention, power, and force upon the American people, starting with the fringes, but more and more working their way toward the center. Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, and many other social media and tech companies are the arbiters of what is published on their websites and mobile apps. The “community guidelines,” are tweaked and modified, giving them flexibility to ban or suppress the things that don’t comport with their world view, and more and more the new public square is becoming inaccessible to conservative and libertarian points of view, with no available recourse so far. It is possible that new court cases help overturn this gradual yet consistent infringement upon our rights to free speech, but I am sanguine about that at the moment.

Our schools are actively applying Critical Race Theory principles, not the specific teachings of Critical Race Theory, but the underlying principles that “whiteness” is property, that white people must atone for the sin of being born white, and that theory that the system is designed to oppress people of color. This concept is Un-American in classic liberal fashion. We should, as Dr. King said, aspire to live in a world where his children will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. The underlying principle that “whiteness” is a values set exclusive to white people, implies that non-whites have neither agency nor values. Success is not exclusive to white people, it is available for anyone willing to work for it.

And yet, many believe that the solutions to the problems of inequity (not inequality) is to empower a government that they have actively called racist and the source of the problem, with the hope that it will somehow change course and no longer be the source of the perceived “evil.” My simple question is, how? If people are inherently evil, or corrupt, or selfish, or whatever the authoritarian left believes, how does one become better when given power? It is the inherent flaw in collectivism. Unless there is a strong social fabric (which has been eviscerated by the authoritarian collectivists), common values, and the inherent belief in the goodness of the society (now essentially non-existent among the youth of the country), there can be no cohesion except through coercion, and that ultimately results in mass death and tyrannical rule.

And yet, so many people don’t see it. So many go along, listening to whatever the people on the screen tell them to believe, and nodding along. They fail to think, to question, to be skeptical. They absorb the rhetoric as if it were gospel, and to think otherwise would be heresy. I couch my disagreement to the propaganda coming out of the media these days in religious terms, because so many of the underlying arguments are based in faith and feeling, not fact. Science is no longer a process, it is an institution. Media is no longer the gatekeeper of the truth, an ever skeptical watchdog against the government, but is now an organized force of mimics, touting the government line, asking about flavors of ice cream rather than challenging the assumptions and finding the underlying facts.

My concern that I will someday be considered a radical more and more feels like it is coming to fruition. My advocacy for small, limited government, common social values, intellectual conversation about philosophy and ideas based on ethical dialogue and factual representation, the viewing of people not based upon outward characteristics, but by their actions and character, these are seen more and more as radical ideas in the United States, at least they are in the halls of power, where I feel less and less at home. But I’ll press on, until such time as the government gun gets turned on me. I pray for this country and the people to recognize how lost we are becoming and to turn back toward the principles that helped establish how great this country can be.

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