So This is how Liberty Dies…

Featured Image from the Chicago Sun Times, follow the link for some bulls**t puff piece about Antifa.

From Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

It’s odd how life imitates art sometimes. I wish it weren’t the case these days… We’re watching in real time, a collapse of the American Republic, and in its place a Democrat controlled authoritarian state being erected, all the while many supporters of the “party” cheering on the fall of our fragile democracy.

Don’t believe me? Well, look a bit harder, and you may just see it. The President of the United States, Joe Biden, said that “White Supremacy” is the “most lethal threat” to the United States, The Guardian reports. USA Today writes that Biden has identified “White Supremacy” as a “domestic terror threat.”

But who are these “White Supremacists?” Well, that depends entirely upon which segment of the Biden base you’re listening to. My opinion, and take that for what it’s worth, is that those who are actively pushing to implement Critical Race Applied Principles, or CRAP as the Tim Pool IRL podcast calls it (check them out here), define White Supremacy as ordinary Americans. For a while the National Museum of African American History and Culture had posted this “lovely” infographic about the “Aspects & Assumptions of Whiteness & White Culture in the United States.” Take a gander at it for a moment…

From the NMAAHC

What do you notice? For me, the authors of this BS infographic made out many of the values that would bring anyone success in this country exclusively for “white people.” And the reason I use quotes around “white people,” is because places like the Atlantic post stories about “The ‘Whitening’ of Asian Americans.” The article reports on anti-Asian lawsuits at Harvard, citing a report that stated “Asian applicants would comprise 43 percent of the admitted class if only academic performance were considered.” But once racial demographics (Affirmative Action programs) were taken into consideration, Asians made up only 18 percent of the students admitted. The article then begins to tie wealthy Asians with whites, and becomes dismissive of the lawsuits against Asians, and including Latinos into a group that engages in “whitening,” defined as a group assimilating into “white norms and culture,” (those values in the infographic above). I think that it is both disingenuous and racist to assume that only whites have these cultural assumptions, and that other “races” do not. This is dismissive of the many empires, kingdoms, and civilizations that have risen and fallen across this planet’s long history.

So “White Supremacy” and “Whiteness” are no longer just related to the color of one’s skin. If you engage in certain values you can be considered “white.” This insidious labeling foreshadows much of what could come later, if people don’t wake up, or worse yet, continue to cheer on the centralization of power to the federal government. Following the insurrection at the capitol on January 6th, Capitol police have worked to expand their network of intelligence gathering and ability to handle “threats” to members of Congress. According to Yahoo News, Capitol Police are opening field offices in California and Florida, to help combat a “107 percent increase” in threats against members of Congress. The article calls this a potential “nightmare scenario,” potentially turning support into opposition for these increases in the security state.

I have to agree with them on this one, considering how Democrats have supported the “Defund the Police” movement, with folks like VP Kamala Harris stumping for the Minnesota Freedom Fund, for rioters…

From Twitter

Not quite convinced yet that we’re seeing the rise of an authoritarian state? Jen Psaki was asked about how long the administration had been spying on people’s Facebook pages looking for misinformation. You can see the video here (the question and response starts about the 44 second mark.)

From the Washington Post’s YouTube channel

Psaki goes on a back and forth with the reporter about how “misinformation” is leading people to not get the vaccine, and that has lead to deaths from COVID. According to the video, there are still posts on Facebook from Dr. Fauci early in the pandemic about how American’s shouldn’t be wearing masks. Those statements would be reversed, with Fauci and the government encouraging people to wear masks as the numbers began to climb. But while Psaki insists that Fauci changed his messaging in line with “changing information,” Fauci himself had admitted that he was concerned about a shortage in PPE for medical workers, which is what prompted his early messaging about not wearing masks, according to the Daily Mail, reporting in June of 2020. In his interview with The Street, “When asked why the public was initially told not to wear masks, Dr Fauci explained that it was all down to concerns about supply and the need to ensure masks were available for healthcare staff first.” Fauci, in the interview, went on to say “So, although there appear to be some contradiction of “you were saying this then and why are you saying this now”, actually the circumstances have changed, that’s the reason why.” It wasn’t that the scientific data had changed. It was that the supply was needed for the medical workers, and that telling people to wear a mask may have sparked a shortage, potentially endangering medical workers and overtaxing our hospital systems. A political decision, not a scientific one, in my opinion. There certainly was a case for encouraging people to wear cloth masks from the beginning, which could have helped slow the spread.

But Psaki, and the government at large, wishes to control “misinformation,” which by the way, has a sort of nebulous definition. According to Business Insider, “Misinformation refers to false or out-of-context information that is presented as fact regardless of an intent to deceive.” What’s the harm you may ask? Isn’t combatting false or misleading information a good thing? In principle, I would agree with you, but when left to the government or individual platforms to define and curate content, you begin to have the problem of corruption. During the election, the Hunter Biden laptop story was suppressed for being misinformation. The Verge reported in October 2020 that the “disputed” story of Hunter Biden’s laptop was being investigated. Humorously, the post goes on to explain that the New York Post was also posting about the Lab Leak Hypothesis, which Facebook also restricted.

Flash forward to today, and the Hunter Biden story continues to unfold. Not only was there an investigation, but the Wall Street Journal reports that the laptop is real… among other things. The White House is admitting to flagging posts for Facebook, according to Jen Psaki. And the Democrats are pressuring tech companies to do more about combatting misinformation on their platforms.

So what do we have so far? Well, we have a president calling people who engage in traditional American values of hard work, faith, and keeping schedules the biggest threat to Democracy since the civil war, federal police expanding their intelligence gathering networks, White House officials admitting to flagging social media posts to tech companies for censorship, and government officials changing messaging on COVID masking guidelines not based on science, but on politics…

Throw in the attempts to federalize election laws, calling the use of IDs “Jim Crow” laws, and non-governmental actors like the various Antifa cells acting to sow distrust in various institutions, acting like certain shirt wearing members of the German National Socialist Party circa 1930’s, and the picture becomes clearer. The Democrats want power, and want to strip away your ability to be protected, both through local and state police, and with the ability to own and use firearms (HR 127). And they are pushing so hard to consolidate and cement their power because, in my opinion, they are going to lose power in two years.

With rising inflation costs, the implementation of CRAP in our schools and corporations, the increasing vitriol and venom spewed to the average American, and the continued proliferation of the Twitter Mob and Cancel culture, Americans are growing tired and frustrated at a government that claims to be for everyone, but more and more is for its faction. People want to have a job, to raise their families, and for the most part, to be left alone. The current news cycle, current government environment, and social justice movements do not allow for this. They infringe on our freedom to be left alone, in our homes, and in our heads.

Hopefully I have at least given you something to think about. If you have gotten to this point and still think the government is here to help you, and that the authoritarian nature of what they’re trying to implement on the American people is a good thing, then you may very well just be too far gone. Don’t be surprised if all this pressure sparks something, and that the government seizes the opportunity to crack down like the Communist government in Cuba. Birds of a feather, right?

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