Media Priorities

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I typically stayed away from the idea of corporate socialism. It didn’t sit well with me that the government and the large financial institutions would be so intertwined. It grated against the deeply held beliefs that I had about the desire for being free. But this was years ago, and life has ripped off the rose colored glasses that I have worn, revealing the grim and grey world that I in part have allowed to develop.

The government does not care about the little guy. They don’t. They care about you insomuch that you are useful to them, sending them your taxes, voting for the politicians that promise to give you “free” this and that, when in reality, the trade off costs are higher taxes, lower quality, longer waits, more bureaucracy, and continued complaints from the ever-expanding government that they need more power and more centralized authority.

The same can be said about corporations. They don’t care about you. They will use their advertising, money, and influence to gain your compliance, or crush their competition. They will use whatever means they have to push their products, safe or not, that damage the economy, the environment, and the people of the world.

The people are seeing that power and money, collected and consolidated into the hands of the few, leads to a dangerous and less free society. The Libertarian within me screams that I was right. And now the rest of the world starts to see two things: The elites don’t care about you, and the media is part of the elites.

People are seeing this, and are taking it to where the elites feel it most, their wallets. Per CNBC, Melvin Capital, an asset management company owned by Citadel and Point72 he, had an infusion of nearly three billion ($3,000,000,000.00) to cover their losses because they short sold GameStop, and a group of amateur day traders with a chip on their shoulder raised the price by buying stock, squeezing the hedge fund managers who routinely use their connections and monetary influence to push news that companies like GameStop aren’t doing well to drive down the price and profit from the short sale. Not illegal, but really sleazy business practice.

But it seems like the corporate media doesn’t think that corporate financial institutions engaging in sleazy business practices is newsworthy. They don’t think that Discord banning the subreddit for “hate speech,” one day after they put the squeeze on the wealthy investors isn’t corrupt. They don’t think that investment companies like Robinhood and TDAmeritrade freezing GameStop and similar stocks doesn’t smell like collusion at all. Heck, even Jen Psaki thinks that the news that the Biden administration has the first female Treasury Secretary is bigger news. The people are seeing that the “free press” has married itself to the government, that there is an incestuous relationship between the corporate media, corporate investment, and the federal government worse than anything the Lannisters could muster.

I now that there are negative side effects to doing something like this. But in the time when there is a historical transfer of wealth from the working class to the rich, getting something akin to a hunk of cheese off the wheel back certainly feels justified.

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