Liberty will never die

Featured image by Colleen. Follow the link for more of this artist’s work.

For those who worry that if Biden wins, or if Trump wins, or if this candidate or that candidate wins that liberty will be dead and the United States will become nothing but a fascist dictatorship, let me say this. The fire of liberty is unquenchable.

But surely, some may argue, there are places in which liberty could never live, or that the power of the government to silence liberty is overwhelming. To some extent that may be true, that the flame of freedom and liberty in parts of the world is merely the warm embers meant to break the chill of oppression and tyranny. But liberty can never be extinguished. The idea is more virulent than Covid, and harder to suppress. Regardless of what happens in this election, we will not lose liberty unless we choose to accept the false reality of authoritarianism.

In many communist and authoritarian regimes, re-education is an important pillar to the suppression of the masses and the continued rule of the party in power. The stifling of ideas is a never-ending process, and requires an ever-increasing amount of force to see it through. But the side-effect to mass re-education and suppression of liberty is that it creates more resistance that it destroys.

The polls in the US were wrong again. Whether Biden wins or not at this point is irrelevant, the polls were wrong. The House, Senate, and presidency were all supposed to go to the Democrats in resounding fashion. And it’s not turning out that way. This election cycle was defined on two major points: the personality foibles of Donald Trump and the obvious support of the media for Joe Biden. Major media outlets, big tech companies, movie stars, corporations, social media influencers, all telling the American people who they need to vote for, and yet the vote was closer than it was four years ago with a higher turnout, due in part to mail in voting that causes its own problems and should be looked at with a high degree of skepticism.

I do find it interesting, and it gives me hope and confidence that many more people have finally woken up to the narrative built around them. Liberty will not die, not now nor ever. Authoritarianism and collectivist movements have their time and place, but they will never extinguish the idea that a person is born free, and that the natural state of man is in liberty.

And maybe we need to have this dalliance with authoritarianism and socialism to realize that it won’t work for us. Maybe we need to lose everything to realize what we had. Maybe none of that will happen, who’s to say? Regardless, I’ll still speak the words of Liberty, Individualism, and personal responsibility. I’ll fan the flames of Liberty and hold the embers close to break the chill of authoritarianism. And I’ll find other vessels to house those embers too, spreading them across the land, and hopefully, around the world, to every corner of the planet in places far beyond the grasp of tyranny, laying in wait to ignite the hearts of those willing to hear.

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