Progressive Hypocrisy…

Featured image is from Imgflip, made by me.

As a Libertarian, I’m very laissez-faire when it comes to personal decision making. I very much believe that you have a right to do what you want to yourself, and that you are responsible for your actions and decisions. I want everyone, regardless of who they are, to feel comfortable in their own skin, and I do understand that this means different things to different people.

But I am growing tired of the chorus of voices that drag down people when they lose weight. I myself have lost over 40 pounds, and it hasn’t been easy. There are a lot of lifestyle changes that go into it, and it is an easy thing to derail, particularly when food is in my mind equivalent to comfort. But many of those voices speak out of both sides of their mouths. They delight in celebrating their bodies, and try to shame people who don’t. Rebel Wilson, who I got to know as “Fat Amy” from the Pitch Perfect movies, has been going through what she calls a “year of health.” And congratulations to her for her success. She has lost 80 pounds during her journey, and is working to overcome many similar habits and a toxic relationship to food like I do. Personally, I find her journey inspiring, and hope to mimic her success on my own journey. But she has found voices in her Hollywood circle that wish to see her as the “funny fat girl,” they are used to seeing.

And yet, these voices praise Kaitlyn (Bruce) Jenner as a brave and beautiful woman, and demand that everyone see her as the woman she believes herself to be. Personally, I don’t really care. If Bruce wants to be Kaitlyn, fine. If Bruce feels like the best version of herself as Kaitlyn, then fine. I don’t think that changes Kaitlyn into a woman, and I think that has major repercussions on many legal statutes and laws that we’ll have to figure out both as a legal matter and a social question, but I’m certainly open to the conversation.

But it seems like this is part of a much larger hypocrisy that the progressive movement cannot see. They believe that they are so much in the right, and that the only possible correct choice is their view of the world, that they are nearly as puritanical as the very people they believe they are “fighting” against. If the principle is that subjective reality is the only way to view the world, then my subjective reality where men are men and women are women, where people should be judged as individuals and are responsible for their actions, and that God exists and uses our lives to work His will are just as valid as one who believes that gender is a social construct, where the only way to view a person is through their immutable characteristics, and where the entirety of the universe is nothing more than a series of reactions and happenstances.

But that seems to be a driving force in the current culture wars. The paradigm shift from objective, modernist philosophy to the subjective, hyper-individualistic post-modern line of thinking, and how that applies to the governing of the people. Do we wish to live in a world governed by someone who wishes to cram down a social view that we do not share? Do we wish to have someone with the power to cram down and force upon us a view that we do no like, even a traditional one?

The answer to me is the same. The proper role of government is that which only touches on the most fundamental, and widest possible/agreeable social functions. Maintaining the border so we may enforce our laws, enforcing contracts, and ensuring that justice (real justice) is carried out. The government should not be in the position of favoring one group or another, because once we start down that road, it becomes simply a matter of who controls what, and how susceptible they are to persuasion or coercion.

As for Rebel Wilson and Kaitlyn Jenner, my answer is simple. Be the best versions of yourselves, and don’t listen to the haters.

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