Viva La Revolution

Featured Image from Getty Images.

The people of Cuba are protesting their government, growing tired of the command economy and dictatorial control of Miguel Díaz-Canel, and the former Castro regime before it. As one who believes in liberty and freedom, I stand behind the people of Cuba, and pray that they bring about change, establishing a new government founded upon liberty and individual freedom and responsibility. And I hope that the people of the United States can see what true oppression really is, and grasp that the freedoms that we turn over to the government are freedoms that will never willingly be returned.

AP News reports that thousands of Cubans have marched on the Malecon promenade, protesting food shortages and high prices during the continued COVID crisis. What is missing from these reports is the refrain of “Libertad,” and the tepid support that some news outlets here in the states have for the communist dictatorship. Calling chants for freedom an “anti-government” message instead of the yearning of the heart for freedom really shines light upon how favorably they view a centralized top-down style of government. And, of course, there are the articles blaming the ongoing US sanctions, like Reuters, saying that Trump’s tightening of sanctions are the cause. The people of Cuba are hungry. I am not talking about the members of the party, or those dwelling within the Potemkin villages that cater to the affluent supporters of those in power, or those who care little about the plight of the common folk. I am talking about the civilians of Cuba, born into oppression, yearning for the opportunity to make a life for themselves, out from under the boot of the command and control Communist party of Cuba.

It is interesting that the Díaz-Canel regime issued “combat orders,” to “defend the revolution.” One would have thought that the Cuba revolution was over and done with, having been in place more than 60 years, but it would seem that the revolution is a permanent state of affairs, always going, always having to find new enemies, always seeking to consolidate power.

But today, we see power outages, internet clampdowns, and suppression of social media by the government of Cuba, “to limit the flow of information…” This is one of my biggest concerns with large state actors, be they governmental or corporate. The ability of a few people to control the flow of information is a dangerous power, and a highly corrupting one. I hope that the people of the United States are watching this glimpse into the future. If left unchecked, those who wish to consolidate their power and control over every aspect of the lives of the American people will have this level of control. You could be arguing for “Libertad,” and have no mobile data, become unable to use social media for your messaging, be labeled a terrorist by your government, arrested and detained at your house, or worse, in jail, or simply made to “disappear.”

People of Cuba, yearning for freedom, I hear you. I support you. Viva La Revolution de Libertad! It is a cause worth fighting for. It is a cause worth dying for. I pray for your safety and success.

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