Love yourself, unless you’re a white man…

Featured image from Imgflip, sourced from The Ballad of Buster Scruggs on Netflix.

#KAM is trending on Twitter, that hive of scum and villainy that lies to the masses and claims to be an accurate depiction of what goes on in the world. The term, standing for Kill all Men, garners tons of eye rolls and, in my case, a mention in a blog post (chuckles). I’ll start by saying that I still advocate for absolute free speech. I personally detest what they are talking about on Twitter, and I would actively ignore them in real life, but they are still allowed to say what they want. That’s how free speech works. You are allowed to say hateful, vile, and evil things like kill all men, and be free from punishment by the government.

Pulled from Twitter (handles and usernames redacted)
From Twitter. (handles and usernames redacted)

This current wave of identity driven politics has an impact on our society, on interpersonal relationships, in work, in politics, and will have unforeseen consequences on our institutions in the future. The Daily Wire reports on a letter penned from a high school student to his teach who is critical of the “anti-racist” Critical Race Theory movement. This student, a white male, wrote to his professor that he would leave class feeling like “horseshit” and that he felt like “worthless scum undeserving of living.” For a “progressive” movement that claims to be all about love and feelings, a letter like this certainly would be jarring.

Ibram X. Kendi, one of the founders and thought leaders for CRT, says, “The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination.” This ideology is destructive, and will create a never-ending cycle of power plays from the various victimized groups. And it seems that the CRT crowd, believing in the “righteousness of the cause,” have ordained that white, straight males are the first group that must be discriminated against.

I have reported on this before, but the National Museum of African American History and culture had posted a telling infographic about “whiteness” back in the hazy early days of the pandemic. Feel free to peruse it at your leisure.

What this infographic assumes is that these traits are exclusive to White people, and ignores the contributions of any other dominant world culture, let’s say for example Egypt, China, India, Assyria, Native Americans, the Aztecs, Mayans, Incans. It also assumes that all White people practice these values and all White people are successful, which denies agency to Blacks, Latinos, Asian, Native American, and yes, White folks. There are plenty of other cultures out there that use these same, or very similar values. There are many individuals out there who practice these same, or very similar values, of every ethnic stripe, who find success. These values are not exclusive to Whites, they are available to everyone, and those who have practiced them, particularly in this country, have often been successful.

Infographics like these also make assumptions about Non-white peoples, which are very much in line with the racists doctrines of organizations like the KKK. For a humorous take on this, Ryan Long posted a tongue-in-cheek video.

From Ryan Long on YouTube

Do you reasonably expect this rhetoric to stay simply in the realm of conversation? If it is so normalized to treat White males in this way, how long until someone acts on the rhetoric? Oh wait, it’s already begun.

The Gateway Pundit reports that a 39-year-old Black man had engaged in a two-day long shooting spree, targeting “white males,” and more specifically “military-looking white males.” They report that the perpetrator is demonstrating delusions and a disconnect from reality. The rhetoric has become so normalized that someone suffering from delusions acted upon it, and people were harmed. The silence from the media is telling. The corporate media has bought into the CRT narrative, and in order to elevate one victimized group, they are tearing down the perceived victimizer group. The media has its head so far up its own posterior, it’s beyond laughable. The media will present a narrative and find the facts to support it. Long gone are the days where the media presented the facts and found the narrative to support it.

If we truly value self-care, community, and fair treatment of all ethnic groups, then this constant assault against “whiteness” needs to stop. A genuine and rational conversation cannot come from a group putting another one on the defensive. But, I fear, that this is the beginning of much darker days for this country. If we go down this path of only seeing race, we’ll fall back into a world of segregation, of race wars, and the historical norm of racial supremacy, whether it’s the Egyptians over the Nubians, the Han Chinese over the other Chinese ethnic groups, the Mayans or Aztecs over their neighbors, the Romans, The Huns, The Zulu, group after group in conflict for territory and resources. I pray that it doesn’t go that way.

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