Do they see it yet?

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I hope that the neo-leftists see the damage they are causing in their pursuits of utopia. The policy positions that they are pushing simultaneously both breathtaking and quite infuriating. For those who have been living under the proverbial rock, let’s recap, shall we?

Following the election of Joe Biden as our 46th president, the Democrats in the government have done the following: Joe Biden, having criticized Donald Trump’s use of executive orders, passed a flurry of 3 dozen of them in the first two months. The White House bombed Syria faster than it could deliver checks. Congress is trying to federalize the elections process in violation of the 10th Amendment, trying to strip away the right to own guns to anyone who can’t afford “gun insurance,” and “psychological screening” as determined not by a “health expert” but by the Attorney General, kids in cages has returned with a vengeance, illegal immigrants are flooding the southern border hoping that Joe Biden will let them in, and many are carrying COVID-19 or are going untested before being given entry into the country, the capital has been turned into a green zone with razor wire and national guard protecting us from some conspiratorial online group while trying to lump in all of the people who didn’t vote for them as domestic terrorists. They have tried to remove a seated representative after complaining that Trump was trying to overturn the election, and now they are trying to implement national vaccine passports.

Do you see it yet, neo-leftists? Do you see the kind of monster you have become?

And it is all so well intentioned by the majority. People really care about “keeping people safe.” That’s the most common argument that I hear. “You don’t want your grandma to get sick and die do you?” But the problem has become that the people in power were given a lot more of it. And you know what they say about great power? With it comes great responsibility. Yes, I used Spider-Man to make a point. But it speaks a truth. The people who have been given power were also given great responsibility. But what have they done with it?

Well, governors shipped COVID-19 patients into nursing homes, causing excess mortalities. Andrew Cuomo specifically ignored the USNS Mercy ship that had been docked in New York. And when the excess mortalities started piling up, he and his staff hid the numbers from federal investigators because they were afraid Trump would use it as a political tool, all the while directing state resources to get expedited testing for his family and other VIPs. Dr. Fauci has reversed his professional opinion more times on national television with little justification for it, and more and more arrogance. Gavin Newsome locked down the state of California and went out for dinner in violation of his own health mandates with state health officials. The list goes on and on. Given the power, these people were corrupted.

And let’s not forget the children. Schools in many places like Los Angeles remain closed until mid April, and then will stagger their openings through the end of April. Children who, having lost a year of education, are being bombarded with pro-trans and anti-racism propaganda. Children, whom we are told can’t make decisions about sex, aren’t allowed to smoke, serve, drive, or drink, are being encouraged to make life-altering decisions about their body as young as six years old. We were told that the human brain doesn’t finish developing until twenty-five, but at three to six years old you are absolutely set in your gender identity. Do you see it yet?

The last election wasn’t a mandate for the Democrats to do these things. It wasn’t an overwhelming sign of approval that the people wanted to fundamentally change the relationship of the governing to the governed. It was a rejection of an a**hole who said stupid things on Twitter and had the appeal of a rotten banana. Hell, the election had to be “fortified” to get the proper outcome.

The American people see this. They don’t believe the corporate narrative anymore, and the more that the establishment pushes to seize power, the more the people will buck, and the more coercion will be necessary for it to last. I hope the Democrats recognize that and change course. I am pessimistic that they will. I think they struck a deal with the radical authoritarian wing of their party, and are having to fight it out among the disparate groups that brought them to power. I don’t know who’s going to win, but it certainly will cause a lot of collateral damage in the meantime.

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