Power comes from belief…

Institutions such as government, religion, schools, companies, and families depend upon the belief that those institutions impact your life. This power derives from the buy-in that the people engaging in the institution give it. The more people that buy in, the more power that institution has. And people buy in either voluntarily, or involuntarily. Institutions that have undermined their ability to have voluntary buy-in have essentially three choices: change in order to preserve voluntary buy-in, allow the institution to lose power and become obsolete, or compel involuntary buy-in through the use of force.

What I believe is that strong and healthy institutions do not have to engage in the use of force to compel involuntary buy-in, and that doing so is recognition, at least at a visceral level, that the institution knows it is becoming obsolete. We are seeing this happen in real time. And the people engaging in force ultimately will fail and become obsolete, because force can only beget more force.

We have forsaken two parts of our society, at least at the legislative level. The government has the notion that it can and must replace the parent role in our society. Instead of teaching and training the members of our society to stand on their own and to learn how to thrive, they continue to press their boots upon anyone who would rather be independent. They foster the need for both submission and dependence upon their services.

With the rise of cancel culture, and the way that our society condones the destruction of people’s careers and public perception, the natural result is that those who are destroyed will no longer buy in to the systems, and they will collapse. People will simply stop believing in the power of they system, and set up new ones.

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