The Lost Lessons of Babel

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For a clinical view of the Biblical story of the Tower of Babel, follow the link for the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Language is an interesting thing, full of context, meaning, nuance, tone, interpretation, inflection, and so on. Language is, of course, an imperfect thing, and can, of course, evolves over time. I must emphasize, however, the last two words of the previous sentence. American English has mutated, not evolved. Fundamental parts of our language are becoming nonsensical, and this has a definite impact on the culture.

From Joe Rogan’s Twitter

I watched this video from Joe Rogan’s Twitter, featured from a sub channel called Libs of Tik Tok, and in an objective sense, the “feminine expressing” person talks about “Libragenders.” In all honesty I know only a little about astrology (I’m a Scorpio by the way). But the astrological symbol for Libra is scales. And that, I believe, is the crux of the explanation. To this person, their gender identity has two parts that shift and change like scales. When I dig into it, it makes sense, but that takes a lot of work to uncover it, and while I could grasp the concept, I do agree with Rogan’s point. Having to now invest energy and effort into understanding the myriad of gender identities that have cropped up over the last five years or so is exhausting, especially now that infractions against the proper identification of someone’s gender identity now carry social consequences, and to some extent, legal consequences.

My personal feelings on the matter are very libertarian. You do you, and you leave me alone. But with the neo-progressive push to penalize wrong-think, and by that I mean punishing anyone who does not agree with the new and rapidly mutating meanings of words. The prime example of this is “right” vs. “left.” What is the difference between “right” and “far right” or “alt-right?” What is the meaning of “anti-vaxxer?” What does “man” and “woman” mean anymore?

These issues revolve around meaning. For eons we have as a species had some objectivity within our various languages, revolving around the differences between the sexes, the concepts of masculinity and femininity, the family unit, social constructs, and so on. Yes, there were concepts of the third spirit that defied the traditional view of the sexes, but in large part we have historically divided ourselves into two sexes, with the concept of gender tied with sex. Only recently have the concepts of non-binary genders and gender independence have become mainstream. All change is difficult, uncomfortable, and slow. But this continued mutation of the language must be looked at, like all things, with a skeptical eye.

If we degrade our language to the point that essentially words mean only what those in positions of power make it mean, then we will very quickly find ourselves in a tyrannical dictatorship, and all confidence in our social contract will evaporate, and this great experiment in democracy will fall upon the ash heap of history.

Language is the foundation of values, and values are the foundation of culture. And this continued vortex of chaos that redefines words at will for little coherent purpose will result in the disintegration of not only our values, but the disintegration of our legal framework and culture. A society that cannot regulate itself is no society at all.

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