Systemic Racism and the empowerment of the State

Featured image by Alan Levine. Follow the link for more of this artist’s work.

We are seeing the rise of Authoritarianism in the United States, spearheaded by people that firmly believe that this country is based in systemic racism, and that the institutions of this country are biased against people of color. So they say. My confusion to this movement lies in the supposed solutions that these folks want. If the institutions are corrupt, the government systemically racist, then why is the solution to empower the state and give it more control over our lives? It is antithetical to the entire movement. This leads me to believe that the words that many of the activist leaders say are merely performative. Much like social media, it is a method to virtue signature to the rest of the movement, showing allegiance to the mob.

If the premise to the argument is that the government is the oppressor, then why give them more power? If the state and its various apparatuses are the ones “hunting” people of color, then why give them more money and authority? It isn’t about the institutions in this case, it is about who wields it. The Neo-leftists are seeking domination of the institutions, hoping to use them against their preferred enemies.

What is the essential nature of humanity? Are we inherently good? Inherently evil? Two wolves fighting? Angels and demons? What are we? For many who believe in Critical Theory, regardless of whether it is Race, Gender, or any other variant, it would seem that the general nature of man is evil. If that is indeed the case, why would you give essentially evil people more power and control over your life? Why would you allow that evil to be further corrupted by power? Why would you want an evil person to control you?

There is clear cognitive dissonance in the underlying motivations and the actions of those decrying systemic racism. It isn’t about the system, it is about the power. The Neo-leftist authoritarians do not tolerate diversity of opinion, do not want people of color to get out of their victimhood, and want oppressed people to stay oppressed. They want the privilege of being able to avoid the work of building themselves up, while tearing down anyone who would point out their naked desires for power.

Short and sweet today, folks. I will be getting back into a routine soon.

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