Well I guess that they’re just going to go for it…

Featured image by Matt Popovich. Follow the link for more of this artist’s work.

HR 1 to federalize elections and strip away election security measures, HR 127 to create a federal gun registry and criminalize many legal guns in the country, executive orders to create national red flag laws, talk of removing the filibuster, and now the introduction of legislation to grow the Supreme Court to 13 Justices, conveniently re-aligning the court in favor of the Progressive/Liberal end of the political spectrum.

It just seems like the Democratic Party is going for broke, seizing upon the power that they gained in the 2020 election in order to “fortify” their positions of power, and remove the chances that any other party, Republican or otherwise, can take away that power. And I don’t think that they’re trying to hide it anymore. It makes me sanguine about the future of this country, almost as if the ship is sinking, and the rats are escaping.

I was hopeful that life would have become more mundane after the exit of Trump, and that the Senate, being evenly split, would actually require some compromise between the parties. But it seems that the truly radical and authoritarian elements within the Democratic party are pressing for their pound of flesh, and are trying to use the riot at the capitol on January 6th to justify the ostracization of their political enemies. In the entertainment, education, and corporate scene, the super woke authoritarian neo-leftists are seizing upon the levers of power, and are just using it to do harm.

I don’t wish for power, I don’t wish for the government to be gaining the amount of power and influence that it has already acquired. What I am afraid of is that Biden said, “No amendment is absolute.” That kind of rhetoric, in the hands of people who wish to abuse power, can easily place that on the 4th (Illegal search and seizure), 5th (Self-incrimination and Double Jeopardy), 6th (Right to a speedy and public trial), 7th (Trial by Jury), 13th (Abolition of slavery), 14th (Rights of natural born citizens), and so on…

I am concerned that if the administration pushes for these types of laws, and continue to push to fundamentally transform the nature of our government, that it will find itself engulfed in a new civil war.

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