Housekeeping notes

Hello everyone. I am trying to grow this blog, and would appreciate your support. Now more than ever having more voices in the public sphere is vital. In that effort, I am shamelessly accepting donations. If you are interested in helping me grow this blog and continuing to create content, please donate.

I believe in freedom of speech, and the protection of unpopular speech. That sentiment, unfortunately doesn’t seem as common as it used to, and the ideas of ideological homogeneity are becoming more and more normalized. America used to be touted as a melting pot. It has since been called a tossed salad, but the growing sentiment is that it should be like pasteurized cheese product, uniform and bland.

This is why these outlets matter, and why your contributions, if you choose to make them, matter.

Okay, enough of my shameless self promotion. Thank you for your support and continued readership. I wish you the best.

By Patrick Woodland

I write about the things that have impact on me.

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