Ground rules.

When engaging in a civil discourse, parties within that debate must adhere to certain agreed to principles. I will attempt to lay them out here.

First and foremost, I will attempt to state my position and personal feelings on relevant political topics, refraining from assuming the intent and subconscious “bias” of the speaker. If I do attempt to make assumptions about someone’s motivations, it will be through his or her words, posted and referenced. I am of course willing to amend my position if given enough evidence to overturn my current beliefs, but I will state now, that the use of ad hominem attacks will not be what does it.

Second, as stated before I will do my best to reference and cite my sources, and I hope and expect that anyone who follows this blog to do the same.

Third, I will refrain from using expletives in my writings, and I hop that those who comment do the same.

Fairly simple rules. Now let’s get to it.

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